Workout Corner: 2 Great Exercises for Your Backside

Highlighted Muscle: Hamstrings

Exercise 1: Hamstring Curl w/ Stability Ball

Benefits: It’s a good exercise to work the hamstrings while controlling the lumbo pelvic hip complex and a great movement to ‘teach’ the core / hips / thigh to stabilize while hamstrings are working concentrically/eccentrically.

Preparation: Start by lying on your back with arms outstretched at your side. Place heels on the ball with toes pointing straight up. Next, curl your heels toward your glutes by bending your knees – keeping your hips high. Then slowly return to the start position while maintaining the level of your hips throughout the entire exercise.

Exercise 2: Single Leg Deadlift (one of my favorite exercises)

Benefits: Good Exercise to help with neuro-motor development. Creates dynamic hip, truck and shoulder stability and also improves strength, coordination, focus, dynamic flexibility and balance.

Start by balancing on one leg with other leg bent behind, hold a weight (kettlebell, dumbbells, barbell) at thighs. Next pivoting from the hip on the standing leg, incline or “tip” the trunk towards the floor while letting the arms hang straight, make sure to keeps hips level to the floor. Allowing the knee of the standing leg to bend slightly. Return to the upright start position by engaging your glutes and hamstrings.

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