2013: My Year in Review

January: 2013 started out with a clean sweep of our house… literally. Jonathan and I took about 3 trips to the dump with a U-haul full of stuff (mostly left behind from old roommates). The cleansing process led way to a new energy in the house which eventually led to cleansing of roommates as well mid year. Not that it felt good to dump stuff in the landfill but it needed to go, and by cleansing that stuff we got rid of the old, stale energy that had been left behind. We also set an intention to not buy junk. We didn’t *need* anymore stuff. With that intention set we started off the year. I also had raised money to start a Yoga Teacher Training which at the time I didn’t know that it would take me almost a year to start one.
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February: I don’t really remember much from February. It’s always such a short month. I only posted twice, one of which was a post from TWD contributor Dr. Michael Mantell. It kinda makes me sad that I can’t remember anything, I know something had to have happened but it’s just not coming to me now. I do know that I was lacking motivation to write, but looking back now I’m glad I experienced that because it brought motivation in the coming months.
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March: With the start of spring came the time to cleanse our bodies, enter the grand Master Cleanse idea. It ended up not being too grand but still a great experience. I would definitely do a cleanse again but probably not the Master Cleanse.
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April: April brought new motivation. I re-committed to the Wellness Doer and began writing on a regular basis. I put my focus into building my audience, sponsoring and connecting with other bloggers. The blogs popularity grew almost instantly and am still in awe of the love from it’s followers. So thank you so all of you for hanging in there through my unmotivated times. It’s because of you that I was re-motivated… I knew I had people out there that enjoy what I have to share and it felt good to get back at it.
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May: Another cleansing process happened in May with the moving out of 3 of our roommates. This was a good thing because the prior mix of people… well… were not mixing. With that we gained a new roommate who has been as delightful as ice-cream on a hot summer day. While things were shifting in the household, in the blog world, I did a little mini series on What a Personal Trainer Eats. I did this to show my readers that being healthy and staying fit doesn’t mean you have to eat like a rabbit. I wanted people to know what I was eating and took a photo of everything I consumed for 7 days. Not only was it insightful for readers (via feed back) but also for myself. By tracking my food with photos I had a clear understanding what I was actually eating. It couldn’t be hidden in photos. Even myself can make changes and healthier choices. I wanted to show people that 1) I’m not superhuman and enjoy sugar every now and then and 2) that it can be easy to make healthier choices. I also launched the Essential Oil Profiles, which is still be added to. I did this to introduce how essential oils can help with many of todays aliments.
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June: Summer brought introspection and personal change. Little did I know at the time that this was the start of a huge shift for me. My old ways of being and thinking were being torn down. I was given insight to that which I wouldn’t understand for a few months, but now looking back it was very apparent that June is when things really began to get shifty. While internally I was uncovering new ways to grow, externally I wrote some of my most popular post still to date… Eat Healthy on a Budget and Feeling Snacky. People obviously like posts related to eating healthy and those posts spread like wild fire in the social media world. I also took another step to growing my blog by purchasing a new camera. Cell phone pics are cool and all but I needed the real deal in order to bring the blog to a different level.
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July: Oh July… July was a whirl wind. Jonathan and I took some personal space and that left me face to face with discomfort, but through discomfort comes transformation. The shift that had started in me the previous month began to alter my way of thinking. I started my daily meditation practice again and recommitted to doing a Yoga Teacher Training. I also started the 90 Days of Shift. I knew that growth was being nudged onto me and I couldn’t resist anymore. Practices of surrender and letting things happen as is were set into place. My gratitude flame turned into a full fledged fire. I still experienced the discomfort but was equipped with the tools to ease the transition. July also brought Lightning in a Bottle. Jonathan and I made the agreement to experience it separate from each other. As hard as it was, I believe we both enjoyed our time. As all of this was happening my best friend and I also took a little personal space… How was my way of being effecting those closest to me? By becoming clear on what type of relationships I wanted, I set to create new intentions to build and rebuild stronger, more fulfilling connections with the people in my life… and the new friendships that were building. Those relationships that I set new intentions for began to re-blossom, they came back stronger than ever.
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August: August is my birthday month, so naturally it’s a powerful month for me. My relationships were feeling refreshed and life was pretty awesome. On the blog side of things I reached out to the writer for Lifestyle of the Unemployed and set plans for post swaps. His posts about Building Your Legacy and How to Pull a Three Day Weekend are still some of the most visited posts! Plus San Diego was having some killer weather which inspired the post for tips to live like you’re on vacation. Life was good.
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September: September brought close to home adventures, weddings and Yoga Teacher Training! Jonathan and I got invited to go whale watching from a plane. I had never been whale watching before so I was excited to have my first experience to be from an airplane. I also started my Yoga teacher training finally… it took me almost the whole year to find a training that felt good. I was excited to be enrolled in something that I have been practicing for such a long time, even if I didn’t teach I knew that it was going to strengthen my Yoga practice or shall I say Life practice. I also made some awesome new friends a long the way.
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October: By now we were in so called fall in San Diego. Gym attendance starts to slow down as the holidays approach so I was left with a lot more free time to focus on the blog. I decided to open the Wellness Doer up for sponsorship, which really is just letting people advertise on your blog. But why not I thought, there are tons of people out there that are up to good things and I would like my blog to be a space for them to share with the world what they have to offer. This month was interesting for me… I was rear-ended (nothing major) but enough to cause some whiplash that set me back on my ability to exercise. And that’s my job! I went through spells of frustration because my body just wasn’t doing or feeling the way I wanted it to feel. I was limited on what I could do in Yoga and I pretty much lost all motivation to workout. So October was a month of minimal physical activity… Don’t worry, I started to go to the Chiropractor and was able to get my motivation back… good thing, no one wants an unmotivated personal trainer. 🙂
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November: I was excited to announce in November that the Wellness Doer was getting a facelift! With a little help from Bumble + Buzz Design, TWD had a new look and a much more inviting layout. I also completed my Yoga Teacher Training and Jonathan and I celebrated 2 years! So all good things… but the lessons that I had learned back in the summer began to be forgotten and the same issues arose leading to conflict again in my personal life. Looking back now I realize that it is so important to stay in a space of gratitude for everything. I lost focus on what was important to me and got sucked back into a negative way of thinking (yes, we all go through it), but little did I know this was going to be a much more challenging path this time around. Also, at the same time, it was going to be a much deeper lesson.
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December: Again, just like the many months before it was time for change, it was time for some shifting… but some major shifting. I’m not going to go into detail but given what I experienced in December brought the awareness that there are some old ways of thinking that had to go. There are some things that I don’t want to carry with me into the next year and for the rest of my life. I can’t say December was a happy month overall, but I can say that it is a month that changed me for the rest of my life. And I am super grateful for it. There is still some shedding of old ways that are happening but I’m now armed with clarity and awareness. Going into the new year I set some intentions that will focus in on expanding myself. When it’s time for us to grow, life will always find a way for us to face it head on. We may resist, but that only has us experiencing life as hard and unpleasant. If we trust and go with it… we find that life isn’t unpleasant at all and that everything we want, dream of or wish for is at our fingertips.

December, in all actuality, was a great month. Sure, there are some things I would of liked to be different but it’s what needed to happen. I did start teaching Yoga on a regular basis at the gym, went on a girlfriend adventure to Joshua Tree and I took a solo road trip up to San Francisco and back which shed some layers and gave me some new skills (like starting a campfire and changing a tire). I’m ready for a new year filled with gratitude and love. I’m ready to creatively and lovingly expand myself and to expand this blog…

Thanks for reading friends. Wishing you all a fabulous, expansive New Year!!!!

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