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3 Must Do Hikes in San Diego

Hi folks. I know many of you that follow this blog are not from San Diego… and a lot of you are. I wanted to post about some of my favorite hiking spots in San Diego. There are tons of little hiking adventures you can do around here. I’ll share with you three of my favorite… Daley Ranch, Iron Mountain and Mt. Woodsin are all hikes that can be done in 3 hours or less and can be kept under 8 miles. I love these 3 because the terrain is a balance of hills, level ground and lots of nature (meaning no houses). They all offer outrageous views of San Diego and on the really clear days you can even see the ocean… 🙂

Daley Ranch

The Daley Ranch is a combination of several hiking trails that you can mix and match depending on how much adventure you are looking to get yourself into.  You can do a 2 mile round trip hike or 10 miles… there are maps provided at the trail head and all trails are clearly marked… so no getting lost, unless you want to of course. One of my favorite loops is the Boulder Loop – it has some hills so be prepared! Also after this hike you are about 5 minutes from The Stone Brewery… One of my favorite places to eat!!


Iron Mountain

I love this hike! It’s a 2,700-foot peak and about a 6 mile round trip if you stick with the Iron Mountain main trail. When you get to the top walk past the area where most people congregate and the picnic tables. You’ll see a set of rocks perched out over the edge on the left side of the mountain top. It offers awesome photo, meditation, and make-out opportunities (wink, wink).

Mt. Woodson

This one, in my opinion, is the toughest of the three. It’s a little less than 7 miles but the trail gets pretty strenuous once you get to the mountain. When you get to the oak tree – you are NOT at the top, you are only a little past halfway. You will know you reached the top because you will see the “potato chip” rock. This trail is really beautiful to hike when all the spring wild flowers are in bloom… you will be surrounded by almost every color of the rainbow.

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