4 Health Myths Debunked

4 Health Myths Debunked | The Wellness Doer

The following four myths below are things I usually hear people say that keep them from reaching their health goals. There are other excuses too but these are the main four. Remember this is your quest for health… you are the only person that can keep you from being healthy and fit.

Myth: Being healthy is hard.
I often hear that being healthy is hard. Well it’s gonna be hard if you keep telling yourself it is. It’s NOT hard. It does take a little self discipline and let me let you in on a little secret. We all have discipline. We all can make a choice, it’s all the little chitter chatter we let get in the way. What it comes down to is how bad you want to be healthy or to be skinny or whatever. If you can actually listen to that little voice in your head that is trying to convince you to eat the brownies or the soda or pasta and realize that that voice is not the truth. You are bigger than that voice. It takes practice, but like I said, we all have a choice and it’s how bad you want the goal.

Myth: Eating healthy costs too much.

Sorry… I’m calling bulls#$t on this one too. What you are doing is putting a price on your health. How much is your health worth to you? How important is it to you to stay OUT of the doctors office? The more money you invest into your health the more richness you will get out of life. If you do not have your health what do you have?

Myth: Health food is harder to find.
There are more and more healthy options being cheaper and more available. Don’t get suckered into all the media about all this processed foods that are “good for you”. That’s what they want you to believe. Stick to the fresh stuff and stay away from the processed. That means no soda and candy, stuff like that. Why do you want to put that in your bodies anyway??? Start small, fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts (not salted), etc. Slowly start to transition the processed foods out and soon you will realize that the healthy food was there all along.

Myth: It’s harder to be healthy when you don’t cook it yourself.
That is somewhat true but you are not a slave to the fast food industry. You can be picky and you can make healthy choices. If you are someone who eats out all the time research healthier options so you know where to go when the times comes. If you know you are going out to eat somewhere, look up the menu online and see what health options they have before you even get there. If you read all my posts about what I eat you saw that I eat out quite a bit. It’s fine to eat out if that’s what you want to do… just choose wisely.

So no more excuses ok. You are stringer than you think, in body and in mind. If you want good health and a fit body bad enough you can make it happen.

Love you guys. Thanks for reading.