4th of July Travel: From San Diego to France

Happy American Holiday Fourth of July. I do have to admit that while it’s not my favorite holiday it is one of the most enjoyable. I mean come on, what other holiday do we celebrate by stripping down to almost nothing, laying on the beach, drinking summer cocktails and bbqing meat and then to top if off pollute the sky with a mess of beautiful fireworks? That’s the great part of celebrating the fourth. People have the day off from work and we officially have an excuse to lounge around all day in the sun without feeling guilty. Families come together to play games, sun screen sales boost and our consumption of food skyrockets. Good times.

Here is a photo of Pacific Beach in San Diego on the Fourth of Julylast year… pure American holiday right there.

But I will not be joining the traditional festivities this year… I’ll be on a plane flying to the South of France, well actually I’ll be flying to London first then the South of France. While people scarf down hot dogs I’ll be going through customs and awaiting my flight and while the sky if full of big booms and fiery colors, I’ll be flying high in the sky… Headed here:

I have no idea what I’ll be doing when I get there but that’s what I love about travel – no expectations, free to choose, being completely open to new experiences and living in the moment. I’ve never been to Europe before nor did I think I would be going anytime soon. But I was blessed with the opportunity to go and spend time with someone dear to my heart, explore a culture I’ve never seen and consume large amounts of delicious food.

While I’ll be in London for just a few days most of our time will be spent in the South of France – I’m not even exactly sure where yet but that’s the fun part. I am hoping to travel into Italy and Spain for a bit and sample the food and sunshine in as many places as possible. The Tour De France will also be happening and I am hoping to catch a glimpse of that. At this point I’m just excited to be traveling again and this time overseas.

All to often I hear people say “I wish I could do that, you are very lucky” – I feel very blessed to be able to do the things I do and I also believe people hold themselves back from doing the things they really want to do. If your dream is to travel to a certain country then do what you can to go there. One of the biggest things that keeps me focused on living my dreams is that I don’t want to be an old woman looking back and thinking “I wish I would of done this or that”. There is no other time to live than right now. And maybe you can’t jump on a plane in this very moment but it’s doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. Live your dreams people, expose yourselves to new things, travel the world, be healthy and let yourself enjoy delicious food. I hope to be blogging and sharing with you my adventures, I promise I wont make every post about food. 🙂 Happy living! xo