5 Restaurants I’m Loving in San Diego

5 Restaurants I'm Loving in San Diego // The Wellness Doer

I posted “6 Favorite Healthy Restaurants in San Diego” a couple years ago and those restaurants are still top of my list but I have discovered some new yummy favorites, although, these ones aren’t the healthiest… but they are oh-so darn delicious. I love brunch which is why you my notice 3 out of 5 of the places on this list offer brunch. If you live in the San Diego area or maybe you are just going to be visiting, please stop in to one (or all) of these amazing spots and fill your tummy up with fabulous food.

Punjabi Tandoor
Hands down the best Indian Food in San Diego… no joke. They also have locations in Anaheim and Corona.
What to EAT: My favorite is the mushroom curry if I’m feeling vegetarian or the chicken Makhani (seriously the best) if I’m wanting meat. They both have so much flavor! Make sure to order a combo so  you get rice, naan, and daal. If you are in need of a caffeine kick order the indian tea (make sure to add sugar), it will perk you right up. Punjabi is also super affordable.

The Red Door

This place has some of the tastiest food in Mission Hills. I recently discovered the brunch menu (only on Sundays) and it has now become my favorite brunch place in San Diego. They use produce from their own organic garden and local farms, fresh local seafood, free range organic chicken and eggs, and humanely raised meat. They also have a great wine and cocktail list.
What to EAT: It’s hard to say because the menu changes but I’ve never had anything that I didn’t enjoy. For brunch I would encourage you to order a fresh baked sticky bun while you wait for your meals. Also another bonus… bottomless mimosas.

5 Restaurants I'm Loving in San Diego // The Wellness Doer

One word: TACOS!!!! House made tortillas, sustainable seafood, local organic greens, and all natural meat is some of the factors that make this place one of my favorite places to eat Mexican food. They offer not only tacos, but also bowls and salads. The best thing is they grill the cheese and wrap up your taco ingredients before putting it in the tortilla… heaven.
What to EAT: Tacos of course. For the vegetarian the squash flower is a must try and the meat eaters… the carnitas.

I’ve only ever eaten brunch at Babycakes but they do offer lunch and dinner… and cupcakes… and cocktails… yea, this place has it all.Cupcakes and cocktails?? Who does that!? It’s just not fair!
What to EAT: Red Velvet Pancakes (pictured at the top of this post) is always a win and/or the Cha Cha Chilaquiles, the two ordered together make for a great meal to share with another.

5 Restaurants I'm Loving in San Diego // The Wellness DoerCafe 21
There are two locations in San Diego but I tend to go to the one Downtown San Diego. The atmosphere is really nice and the service is great. They use fresh, local ingredients and lots of worldly flavors!
What to EAT: For brunch try the Stuffed French Toast (my favorite is the strawberry) or one of the amazing Cast Iron Omelets. Instead of the traditional mimosa try their Gingermosa… I’m sure you can image what that means. For dinner, again also seasonal, but they do always seem to have the Zucchini Cake and Tomato Salad which is to die for and I would suggest to try their specials, which are always different. Also they have several flavors of house made sangria… yum!

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