5 Things To Do in South Lake Tahoe

5 Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe // The Wellness Doer

1. Hike around Fallen Leaf Lake
During the warmer season there are several spots you can park and hike around the lake. During the winter part of the road is closed, but if you turn off on Fallen Leaf Lake Road you can find some trail heads and walk down to the lake from there. Please be respectful of the land and don’t leave any trash. It’s a very magical place.

2. Drink and Eat at The Free Bird
The Free Bird is a tiny coffee shop on Lake Tahoe Blvd and has some really tasty menu options. The macaroons are must try! They also make their own chai. There is only enough room to stand and make your order but the staff is really friendly and the food is delicious!

3. Visit Angora Lake
If you visit Tahoe often you probably already know of Angora Lake. There are cabins you can rent and stay for awhile. We just had lunch and did a little exploring. I would recommend planning on spending some time on the lake side and doing some cliff jumping.

5 Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe // The Wellness Doer

4. Hike to Desolation Wilderness
You’ll have to get a day hikers permit but I’d recommend taking the journey. If you are a backpacker you’ll fall in love. We just hiked to the entrance of the desolation wilderness with the dogs but turned around since we didn’t have a permit. Next year I think we’ll backpack in and camp a couple nights. If you start down at the Fallen Leaf Lodge you’ll get an opportunity to see a lot of the landmarks of the Lake’s history. Stop in at the Lodge and check out the book on the history of the lake… pretty amazing.

5 Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe // The Wellness Doer

5. Eat ice-cream at Richardsons Ice-Cream Parlor
Every time we drove by this place the line was out the door. We finally stopped and joined the crowd… and now we know why. The ice-cream is old-fashion and yummy. If you have a small appetite order the kid size cone, trust me, it’s enough.

There are a million things to do, so just make sure to enjoy yourself. Life is beautiful and it’s a blessing for us to be a part of it.

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