5 Tips to Make Today Matter

5 Tips to Make Today Matter // The Wellness Doer

Hello beautiful people. I just want to remind you that everyday has something and is something to be thankful for. I know that it is really easy for us to get wrapped up in media bull-honky, negative news reports and drama at work and forget all about the things that make life wonderful… and that we have much more potential as humans than we give ourselves credit for. It’s time we start to recognize the amazing things that are happening around us, but some of you may ask “how”… well for starters you can start to focus on today. Make today matter. Everyday has it’s beauty and importance. I offer 5 simple tips on how to make today matter for, not just you, but everyone around you.

1. Wake up with a smile.
It’s so important how we start our day in those first few moments of waking up. If you wake up pissed at the world you will most likely have a bum day. Put a smile on your face and think of something that makes you happy first thing when you wake up and you will be setting yourself up to have a great day. If you have to put a note that says “smile” on your alarm clock… and if somehow you make it to your bathroom without smiling… write “smile” on your mirror. Even if you don’t feel like smiling… force it till you feel it.

2. Practice being calm and relaxed.
You do not need to meditate or do yoga to find a calm state-of-being. Although if either or both of those activities interest you I would strongly encourage you to give them a try. Through out your day stop and take a few deep breathes. Repeat to yourself “I now release any stress that I may be experiencing” a few times… or anything that helps you relax.

3. Let go of judgement of yourself and others.
This is huge. It’s about time we all except the fact that no one is perfect, including ourselves. We are, in this moment and the next and the next and the next, just how we need to be. Just because you don’t like something that someone is doing/saying/wearing/being doesn’t give any of us the right to judge them. Be kind, be patient and be compassionate.

4. Smile at or say hello to a stranger.
This can be hard for a lot of us. This is a great practice though… watch your judgments about people. You may find that you begin to “evaluate” who you say hi to. Don’t. Say hello or smile freely, if the other person doesn’t do or say anything back… no big deal. A smile can go along way… it can brighten someones day or make someone feel noticed.

5. Don’t rush.
I know this sounds crazy in our current times. Everything seems to be rushed. There is no need to rush anything. Make a list of what needs to be accomplished in the day and be realistic. If we overwhelm ourselves with too much stuff to do we create stress for ourselves. We don’t need that. Do what you need to do and practice that calm state-of-being as mentioned in #2.

I hope you can take something from this post and apply it to your experience of life. If we all start moving in a direction of love and kindness things will shift (they are already shifting but thats a different topic for a different day). Be kind to yourself and others.

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