Spread the Love: 8 Random Acts of Kindness

8 Random Acts of Kindness // The Wellness Doer

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2012. Have you set your intentions for the year? I haven’t quite figured out what I would like to accomplish this year but I do know that I want to continue to be a better human being (always). There is always something that you can do to create a more positive vibration in this world. Random acts of kindness can spread like wildfires. To spread a little love doesn’t have to take up a bunch of time or cost a lot of money. Here are 8 random acts of kindness you can do to send out a positive vibe…

1. Write a thank you note. I think nowadays it’s so easy to send a text or email when we want to say hi or thank you. The great art of handwriting has been lost, let’s make it cool again. Is there someone who has made a difference in your life in the past? Send them a little handwritten note of appreciation. Can’t think of anybody (which I would find hard to believe), how about writing a thank you note to your mail person, dog groomer, or the fire department? There are hundreds of people that serve us everyday that we take for granted… send some love their way.

2. Smile at strangers. I know sometimes this can be hard. I actually made this my one of my goals for this last year. I wanted to smile and say hi, good morning, good evening to people that I passed on the street or coming in or out of a store. It was hard at times because either the person may of looked a little “unfriendly” or I was not in a great mood, but when I did, it felt amazing. I think sometimes people were even caught off guard… but in a good way. And if someone didn’t respond back, no big deal, I didn’t let it effect me. Just being pleasant and having a smile on your face (even when you don’t feel like smiling) can go along way. Stretch your boundaries… try it out.

3. Share the wealth. Here in San Diego we have a large community of homeless folks. Everyday I pass a handful of them on the corner asking for “anything that helps”. Most of the time I don’t have any cash on me but what I like to do when I go grocery shopping is buy some extra bottles of water and a box of healthy snack bars (that can stay in the car and not melt). So when I may not be able to hand over some cash I can at least give them some water and a bar or two. The cost of the water and bars are not much and besides you are giving to another for the sake of giving and that’s priceless.

4. Tell the manager. The next time you are in a store or restaurant and you receive awesome service, tell the boss or manager of the individual that helped you about how great they are. All too often people complain when they get bad service but how often do we compliment the great service? Let’s start combatting the negative with more positive feedback. Also maybe that will also encourage better service in the long run.

5. Donate old books and magazines to the library. Go through your selves for books and magazines that you are done reading or are never going to read and drop the box off at your local library. You’ll be providing knowledge for others and clearing some space for yourself!

6. Buy someone a coffee. If you frequent coffee shops as much as I do, sometimes it’s nice to pay for the coffee for the person behind you. Hand the cashier $5 and tell them to use it to buy the coffee for the person behind you and to put the change in the tip jar. I’ve done this several times and it’s really fun to watch the person when they find out that their coffee has already been paid for! Smiles all around!

7. Leave a positive comment. This one is easy. Leaving someone a sweet comment on their facebook or blog is a nice way of letting someone know they are appreciated. You can do it in response to something they have posted or just for shits and giggs.

8. Walk around your neighborhood and pick up trash. This is a great way to give back to the community and get some exercise! I do this when I walk the dogs or when I’m out hiking. It helps keeps environment clean and gives your heart a healthy boost!

As you can see small things can go a long way, and as a reminder, random acts of kindness are done without expectation of getting something back in return. They are done for the sake of doing. But we all know how this world works… what you give you get in return. You want more love, give love. You want more appreciation, give appreciation… but do it without expectation. So start the year off on a positive step. Share love in all areas of your life and don’t forget to love yourself too!!!! xo

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