8 Simple Items for Natural Remedies


Oil of Clove:
Use a small amount of oil of clove on the gums for a toothache, and swollen or sore parts of the mouth. Can be used for canker sores. Use on insect bites and stings, scratches, and small burns. It also takes the sting out of nettles and poison oak. Supposedly you can use oil of clove to help you to quit smoking… I don’t smoke and never have… but if you do you may want to give this a try. Every time you have the desire to smoke place, with your finger, a small amount on the back of your tongue and you immediately lose your desire to smoke.

Bay Rum:
Can be used as an after shave lotion. Use it straight on the scalp for dandruff and itchy scalp. Bay Rum also helps to relive sunburn and chapped skin.

Coconut Oil:
Best.Stuff.Ever. It is one of the best oils for the skin. It softens, removes wrinkles, and adds body to the skin. It can help prevent sunburn and windburn. It is extremely nourishing for the hair – just rub coconut oil into your hair mostly on the ends, let sit for 20-30 minutes then wash with your favorite shampoo.

Honey makes a great face wash. It is naturally anti-bactiral and since acne is from bacteria build up on your skin… honey is a simple, toxin free way to clean your skin. It is also high in enzymes and can heal many kinds of skin sores. Make sure to use raw honey.


Peppermint Oil:
Peppermint oil is excellent for headaches. It clears the sinus. It cools and refreshes to enable breathing. Place a small amount on one hand and rub the two palms together, then inhale through the nose and mouth for a short time.

Witch Hazel:
I love witch hazel, I put it in a little spray bottle and use it as a facial toner. It is an excellent astringent and skin conditioner. It can also be used as an after shave application. It also gives fast relief for sore and irritated skin all over the body.

Pure apple cider vinegar is a simple and safe, natural antibiotic. Straight vinegar on the head clears dandruff very quickly. If you have a sore throat mix half vinegar with half water and gargle… also good to cut mucus. If you have athletes foot use vinegar on your feet for 4-5 days frequently and it will clear the condition.

Pine Oil:
I use this for when I get sick. It is great for clearing up congestion and infections in the lungs. Pour boiling water into a bowl a drop no more than 8-10 drops of pure pine oil into the water. Cover your head with a towel and place your face over the steam from the bowl. Inhale the steam until it starts to cool. Repeat morning and night until congestion clears. Be very careful with pine oil when using, it can be very irritating to the skin and mucous membranes if left undiluted.

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