90 Days of Shift

90 Days to Shift your Life, by Zachariah Kral

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

In my last post “Zachariah’s Theory of Everything (Magnanimously Abridged)” I discussed the science of how our thoughts create reality. Specifically, “our life reflects the balance of our thoughts, conscious or unconscious – no exceptions. We create in our life exactly who we are ‘being’ on the inside.” If you haven’t read that post (at least once), I would suggest doing so now before you continue, as it serves as the basis for everything to come in this post. shift shift shift
Did you read it?

Ok good, because now we’re going to talk about how to apply that knowledge in creating the life that you want (or in this case, the life that I want – yup, I’ve committed to 90 Days of Shift starting yesterday….. it’s on).

The funny thing about this illusion we call reality is that the experiences we have, and the contrast they create within us, has this constant, nagging effect of producing new things to want — experiences, widgets and gadgets, levels of joy and understanding, ninja skills — no matter how much one receives or learns! Life is a never-ending desire-producer. One way to handle this could be to renounce all worldly desires… and frankly, my fellow ninjas, I just don’t think that is necessary for happiness. I’d rather get into the flow, let joy BE my experience AND experience my desires too!

In my theory of everything, I explained that God/Source/Oneness’s desire IS my desire, and since Source has an all encompassing perspective, It knows my desire better than I do. For example, maybe I want a relationship – an expression of love. I might think that means I should be with Jane, but Source knows Jane inside and out, and knows that Francesca is a much better choice. Since Source also has unlimited resources, and is connected to all (in fact, IS all), all I need to do is get in the flow WITH Source, and I will be swept away towards Francesca, without delay… so I better not have been holding on too tightly to the belief that Jane was the one for me.

So, I, Zachariah, have got some desires… What began as my heart tugging on my shirtsleeve, has grown into full-scale kicking and screaming, and I’ve got to get myself into alignment to realize those desires. Goal setting around those desires, and taking specific action (I will talk in detail about in my next post) is incredibly important to reaching those desires, but being in alignment is actually far more important. In my experience, if my thoughts are in a joyful and positive place focused in the present moment, every action is amplified many fold, and synchronicity after synchronicity lay themselves down in front of me.

Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move. ~Osho

I created the 90 Days of Shift to habituate being in the flow. It is a series of processes (variable from person to person), to train my vibration, my thoughts and beliefs, closer to Source. This ultimately means being present, full of joy and gratitude, giving and loving unconditionally, and in a personal space of surrender. Why 90 days? I’ve done it for 30 days a couple of times, and had amazing results (like, blew myself away… did that just happen? yes, yes…it did), HOWEVER, the rapid manifesting did not stick, the joy went back to default levels, and no habit of thought/being was formed.

“But wait a minute! I thought it only took 28 days to form a habit!”

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but it turns out it’s not 21 days or 28 days; it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit according to research published in 2009 in the European Journal of Social Psychology (more or less depending on the complexity of the habit, divergence from current patterns, etc.). That 21 days number came from a plastic surgeon in 1960 speaking on the subject of amputees adjusting to the loss of a limb… Yeah.

Anyway, not to be deterred by such things as time, I chose 90. It’s bigger than 66, it’s approximately 3 months, which is easy to count, and “90 Days of Shift” just sounds rad.

A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality. ~Abraham-Hicks (from Money, and the Law of Attraction)

A few things before we begin

90 days of shift was inspired by the best repeatable processes I learned from over $13,000 worth of personal growth classes, Every book and video by Abraham/Esther and Jerry Hicks, a 30 day “Mindset Detox” by Tim Atkinson that I found on my friend Ruben’s Facebook, a quote by Marianne Williamson, and a few other ideas from here and there.

This is not a one-size-fits-all methodology. If I was working with you to setup a life shifting regimen for your life, I rather doubt we’d come up with exaaactly the same formula, but it surely would be similar — like a celebrity doppelganger.

Without further ado, I present, my commitments for the next 90 days, signed in blood (figuratively of course, no need for violence), pumped and ready — my 90 Days of Shift:

The Processes

1. Set a goal

  • How often: Once every 30 days.
  • How: Using the SMART method. (I’ll save the details for another post.)
  • Why: I like carrots. They work for me. The truth is, I am doing all of this because I can clearly see there are things I want that are not currently in my experience, and I want to work towards them. One big thing with two distinct parts, to be exact. So if I’m doing all of this in part to achieve something in my life that is measurable as to whether I’ve attained it, I’m going to measure it, and that’s going to get me pumped, and keep me focused and staying committed through all 90 days.How do I know it’s the right goal for me? It makes me feel amazing to picture myself having achieved it, like a heart smile, and a face smile, at the same time. How else? It almost makes me nauseous to commit to it. Yup, I am of the opinion that if a goal doesn’t push my ‘HOLY CRAP!’ button, it just isn’t big enough, and it’s not going to summon all of the universe-bending energy, passion, and magnificent human drive to persevere, that makes life worth living, and goals worth setting.Cool side note: Within less than 24 hours of setting my goal for this first 30 days, I had about ⅓ of what I needed to have to happen for me to reach the goal in the time allotted. It was a moment of inspiration, and a few text messages later, I was graced with phenomenal generosity. True story.

2. Pray for someone else’s happiness.
Don’t tell them or anyone else.
Watch what happens.

If you don’t like the word “pray”, replace it with “intend”. Remember you and the YOUniverse are the same, so the result, if done from a place of empowered giving, will be the same. This process courtesy of Marianne Williamson.

  • How often: Every morning before getting out of bed for 30 days (at least) per person. (Night time might work better for you).
  • How:
    • Say it in your mind “I pray for ____’s happiness.” And maybe some other, more specific things… Make sure those things are for them, and not for you. This is about giving.
    • Visualize them, however it would look, in any situation or physical state, that clearly represents they are happy and fulfilled, which may include have a loving relationship, a well-paying, purpose-filled job, or whatever you are praying for.
    • Feel it. This one is interesting, and might be new to you. Remember, we are all connected; so intertwined, that separation is part of the illusion. So we’re going to leverage this. Step into their experience — BE them in your imagination, just for a minute — and FEEL what it would feel like to be happy, fulfilled, have that loving relationship, that well-paying, purpose-filled job. Feels good doesn’t it? You might also, or alternatively, choose to feel GRATEFUL for the result of their happiness, etc. Not only is this prayer on steroids, it will have amazing side-effects for you too.
      Extra Credit: take a moment and KNOW that these experiences will come to them; some call this having Faith, or believing.
      Extra Extra Credit: Do it for more than one person. I’ve chosen 3 for this first 30 days.
  • Why: Good question! Well, there have been a number of scientific studies that show that nothing brings real joy and fulfillment like giving, and the whole objective of the 90 Days of Shift is to get in the flow with Source, which always feels like Joy, Gratitude, Love, so we’re shortcutting to it by giving before we get out of bed!

3. Visualize what you want, or want more of.

  • How often: Every morning.  Right after praying/intending for someone else.
  • How: Remember when you saw someone happy, etc. a few paragraphs ago, and then you stepped into their experience and FELT how that would feel too? Same thing, except this time it’s you. If it’s a goal you’re visualizing, get specific and say it specifically in your mind “I am/I have/I ___whatever your goal is(always present tense)__.” Next, see it — see yourself in any situation or physical state, that clearly represents that the goal has been achieved, or you are in the experience that feels good. Feel it. Step IN to yourself, and feel the sensations with your whole body and your emotions what it will feel like to have that end result. BE in the experience like it was happening RIGHT NOW. Now, feel grateful for having the opportunity to experience that reality/those events.
    Side benefit… you get to feel good right now. Rad.
    Extra credit: take a moment and KNOW that it will happen, since your desire IS the Universe’s desire.
  • Why: Thoughts are powerful. In fact, they make up everything observable in the universe. They go by different names, like quantum particles, and electromagnetic waves, but it’s all the same stuff. Since you are inextricably connected to all there is (Source/God/Universal consciousness), your thoughts ARE the Universe’s. Visualizing makes big, clear thoughtforms. Feeling in your being/experiencing the sensation of a result, and feeling grateful in the present for their occurrence NOW, makes MASSIVE, incredibly clear thoughtforms, like tidal waves in a sea of little thought waves. Surf that.

4. Meditate for 20 minutes

  • How often: Daily, at least 5 times a week, any time of the day. (Why only 5 times a week? Because I am marking my progress down, and measuring my integrity with my commitment.. saying 5 days gives me a little margin of error if [when] life makes it tricky).
  • How: There are so many methods to meditation, that we’d be here for awhile if I tried to list and explain them all. The essence of meditation is presence, a state of noticing and feeling, while NOT associating with thinking. It is just ‘being’. Yoga, running, drawing/painting, even crochet, can be great moving meditations – as long as your mind isn’t chattering away. The motions can serve to calm the mind and bring you present — and that’s the whole objective.One of the most effective sitting meditations involves just focusing on your breathing, listening to it, feeling it. This focus on the breath is also incredibly effective in moving meditations; it is probably the single easiest way to describe an effective meditation practice: focus on your breath, notice & release any thoughts that come up. Here is a great example of a sitting, awareness meditation.For many people, it is exceedingly difficult to calm the mind, even with breath awareness. If that is the case for you, I would suggest exploring a mantra based practice (saying something out loud repeatedly) to take your thoughts out of the equation, or try out one of so many audio-led meditations. Check out youtube for tons of free ones, or buy a CD of them, like Deepak Chopra’s “The soul of healing” meditation.
  • Why: Short answer: It is the shortest path to being in the flow, and therefore everything we’re wanting to accomplish here.
    Long answer: Since we ARE the Universe, and being in the flow WITH the Universe is what we’re trying to accomplish, then… it would make sense that the real goal here is to be ourselves; our true selves. The thoughts we think, the beliefs we have, and the duality we see around us all of the time, are illusions. Meditation serves to disassociate our awareness from our thoughts and the illusion around us, naturally raising our state of being back into the flow, because the flow is WHO WE ARE. Abraham-Hicks said it perfectly: “It’s easier to teach you to have no thought than to have pure positive thought. When you quiet your mind you stop thought; when you stop thought you stop resistance; when you stop resistance–then you are in a state of allowing.”Additionally to helping us get into the flow, meditation has some other incredible side effects like increased frequency and amplitude of alpha waves which are directly associated with creativity and inspiration, changes the physical structure of the brain and ameliorating psychological disorders, grows the region of the brain associated with focus/attention/awareness and other higher cognitive functions, and reduces the size of physical brain structures associated with stress, improves focus including possibly relief from symptoms of ADHD, delay aging and make you smarter, can decrease all types of chronic pain, and a host of other health benefits. I could go on.

5. Journal – Gratitudes

  • How often: Daily, at least 5 times a week. Do this anytime.
  • How: Write down sentence after sentence, each starting with “I am grateful for”, then finish the sentence. The more you write (and feel the gratitude), the more things, events, people, relationships, opportunities, even challenges, will come to mind. Write as many as you want, and get as creative as you want. You may even decide to get more descriptive than just one sentence per gratitude if that feels good to you.
  • Why: Journaling, committing thought to paper, focuses our attention, and remember, focused attention is the only variable in the Universe; that makes writing very powerful. Many many great minds knew about the power of journaling. We’re going to use the heck out of this power over the next 90 days. If you do just one thing out of all of these processes, do the journaling exercises. Really. They are that powerful.Why journal about gratitude? Being grateful is just about as ‘in the flow’ as you can get. Additionally, there is something about gratitude that focuses us into a whole-brained experience and often physical sensory place. Gratitude captures our attention and is often experienced in the whole or parts of the body; this makes it ideal for building a new pattern of thought and emotional response, since it affects the whole mind, which always includes the body and body chemistry. It also seems as though focusing in gratitude does not elicit as much resistance from the ego like trying to ‘think positive’, ‘hoping for the future, or trying to ‘be happy’ does. Finally, and most importantly, focusing on gratitude will send out the thought-form of gratitude, attracting experiences that match, so you’ll invariably experience more and more things to be grateful for the more you focus on being grateful. It is the law of the Universe, and can be no other way.

6. Journal – I AM statements

  • How often: Daily, at least 5 times a week. Do this anytime.
  • How: Write down a host of statements that begin with “I am”, and end with something that you already are expressing in your life (that you like or want more of), or something that you would like to express in your life, that is not currently in your experience. The key here now is to FEEL the statement you just wrote down. BE in the experience of what it would be and feel like to be that I AM statement in reality. Sometimes the best ones are very general, and serve to reinforce a foundation of love and wellbeing, or dismantle a false deep-seated belief. Other times, being highly specific is what really hits home. Here are some examples of both.
    I am worthy. ~ I am worthy of love/respect/wealth/abundance/my dreams…
    I am loved.
    I am cherished. ~ I am cherished by my spouse/family/fellow ninjas
    I am bold.
    I am confident. ~ I am confident at work /in my abilities /with women/men /in social situations
    I am respected. ~ I am respected by my spouse/co-workers/boss…
    I am motivated. ~ I am motivated to ____
    I am powerful!
    I am capable! ~ I am capable of ____
    I am at peace. ~ I am at peace with ____
    I am a magnet for synchronicities and miracles!
    I am creative and an unending source for inspiration/solutions/joy/patent ideas
    I am the creator of my own experience
    I am talented ~ I am a talented ____If you find some things that don’t fit into I am’s very well, feel free to stray:
    I live a magical life
    I have an amazing, supportive family/friend group/boss/business partner/spouse
    People love me, and express it with rapidly increasing frequency
  • Why: There is nothing that you are not, as you are a part of the whole, but our life, being a tiny tiny expression compared to the whole, only expresses in form a tiny fraction of that variety; and we have choice as to what is expressed. The statement “I AM ___” is creative — “I” is the whole of you, “am” is command to the subconscious mind/source to project whatever follows into ‘reality’. Simple as that. The process may very well be like playing pretend, but since the physical universe is an illusion, so is reality. This process allows us to take a bit more control over how we play house on planet earth — when you say these statements, and feel them, and feel you in them, those thoughtforms begin to manifest.

7. Journal – Write down and “be with” TEN wins for that day.

  • How often: Daily, at least 5 times a week. Do this at the end of the day as a day review. Great thing to do in bed right before going to sleep.
  • How: Number 1-10 in your journal (or a scrap piece of paper… or google docs). Fill in each with something that in some way, somehow, counts as a ‘win’ for you that day. If you’re having trouble thinking of things, realize that you woke up that morning (win!), you’re breathing (total win!), you’re writing your wins in your journal (radical win!)… No matter what, do not stop writing, until you get to 10.
  • Why: This is brain retraining level 5. The human mind, because of its default purpose of survival/keeping you alive, is always looking for what’s wrong, just in case it needs to do something about it to keep you safe/alive. Unfortunately, this behavior does very little good for us when we’re not being chased by wild animals on a daily basis. This process is designed to retrain the brain in seeing the good, especially in ourselves and our own lives, which will not only improve your outlook and perspective (and probably your attitude), but it will also shift what you are creating and attracting into your life. The more you do this process, the more addicting it becomes — in no time, this list will be filled with more and more amazing accomplishments and wins. If you keep your wins in a journal, you will be able to look back and see just what all this work is tangibly doing for your life. I cannot imagine what it will look like after 90 days of all of this.

8. 30 Minutes of quiet reflection a day. Doing so alone is preferred.

  • How often: Daily, at least 5 times a week.
  • How: Meditation and yoga count as this. Journaling is awesome. So is sitting quietly.
  • Why:  “If you are asked: What is silence?, Answer: the first stone of the temple of wisdom” ~PythagorasSilence and self reflection create the space for inspiration, ah-ha moments, and deep understanding…. of whatever needs understanding. When the world’s outside distractions are on mute, your inner voice gets airtime, and sometimes that voice can hand you solutions in just moments to problems that may have stumped you for weeks, months, or even years. It seems prudent, then, to schedule it into your day.

9. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

  • How often: Daily, at least 5 times a week. I’ll exceed the heck out of this, but it serves me as a baseline commitment that I will not break regardless of how busy things become… and as I mentioned before, the last time I tried this, I became VERY busy very quickly.
  • How: Totally up to you! For me, this looks like taking at least three 1 hour+ yoga classes a week (most likely more), A LOT of pushups and core, Isometrics or weights 3 times a week, and getting outside and hiking or other rad activities. Physical intimacy can count too, if you’re an enthusiastic lover… yup. I just said making love counts as exercise. Get to it!
  • Why: Your thoughts may create your reality, but your body affects your thoughts; and nothing says happy body like an active body (and a clean balanced diet, but we’re not going to go there today….that’s opening up a can of worms 8 times the size of this already large post).

10. Read something positive and uplifting for 20 minutes.

  • How often: Daily, at least 5 times a week.
  • How: Ummm. I think you’ve got this 😉
  • Why: Because it’s good for you.

11. I-love-you’s in the mirror.

  • How often: For 1 full minute. Daily, at least 5 times a week. Do this anytime you can be alone, and feel at peace. The bathroom works great if there are other people around, and you don’t have to speak loud at all.
  • How: Stand facing yourself in the mirror in an open body position: arms by your side (no folded arms), shoulders back, chest expanded, and maybe your palms also facing the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes. Connect. Now tell yourself “I love you.” You can give yourself compliments, or say other things, but I really wouldn’t deviate from “I love you” until you can really feel it. Until you know you mean it. Until you can feel it in your heart like it’s going to burst from your chest.
  • Why: Loving ourselves, or not, is the greatest factor by far in whether the world will show us love or not, as the world is just a reflection of our own beliefs. It is the basis for all self confidence, truly fulfilling success, sustainable abundance, and self realization. If serves as the foundation for everything great to come.This, for me, is the hardest of all of the processes. I “forget” to do it more than any other. Judgement comes up for me often, and I’ve cried at least twice. It has been a trial to open my heart to myself in this vulnerable way — and this is why I choose to do it.

12. Choose one day to not speak at all.

  • How often: At least once in the first 30 days. Repeat if you get value from it.
  • How: Shhhh! This process is probably easiest if you can be alone for the whole day.
  • Why: For all the same reasons as our daily reflection, only longer!
    Extra Credit: Hike somewhere in nature with a tent, go OFF trail so that you are not easily disturbed, and stay right there, in quiet reflection, for at least 48 hours. Journal if that feels good. It may be the greatest turning point in your life.
    Extra Extra Credit: Do not eat for those 48 hours (do, of course drink lots of water). If you choose to do this, make sure you have some fruit to break the fast before you go trekking back down the trail.

The Rules:

  1. No “current event” news for 90 Days. It’s mostly negative, and we’re not going to be including that in our mind/vibration. I’m still going to read though, and that’s final.
  2. No TV for 90 days. None. The little box stays off. Go outside. Go ride a bike. Do….something.
    (Small exception if it’s something outrageously inspiring or educational.)
  3. Only associate with positive and empowering people – this one might be rough, but the rule makes us conscious of who we are choosing to be around, and who we sharing our energy with. This could be a great time to clean out your Facebook newsfeed! You can set it so you cannot see someone’s posts without de-friending them, that way they can still be assailed with your unending positivity, but you don’t see any of their grumbles. Win/win (and rather ninja-like)! Defriending some people may still be the best option for some though; I like to keep only people who think well of me and my success in the know of what is happening in my life; their thoughts are things too. In the case that interaction is unavoidable with a less than positive person, stay conscious, and choose not to come down to their state of mind; don’t ‘engage’ their negativity. Practice gratitude, and being positive… outloud. They’ll eventually hush and go away if you won’t play in their mud-bucket with them, or, best case, they start to catch on! If you’ve got a real sour grape, you might consider adding them to your prayer list next month, or this month for extra credit!
  4. Only listen to positive & uplifting music – nothing about hoes, losing your dog, your girlfriend, or your girlfriend’s dog (*my editor argued this should be about her cat). Only things that make you feel good and have lyrics to match, or no lyrics at all! And for those that know me, I do think good dubstep is uplifting, no matter what the neighbors think.
  5. Drink plenty of water – more than usual – I will drink 2-3 glasses every morning before I even eat anything to clear the way and cleanse my body, then of course a conscious effort to drink more during the day than usual.
  6. No alcohol – (optional…. kind of). — Alcohol lowers our thoughts and emotions to a reactionary place, and the effect can last for days or weeks. There is nothing about drinking any amount of alcohol that is compatible with this commitment to shifting our thoughts,… not a thing. Why is it optional then? Well, because a huge (huge) number of people are so attached to the chemistry and social aspects of drinking, that they might not even try the 90 Days of Shift if it was a requirement. Another reason it’s optional is that there is a very good chance that in doing these other processes, alcohol might very well fall away by itself; once you start feeling as good as you will from being so high on joy, gratitude, giving, etc., it’s quite possible it won’t feel good at all to ‘loosen up with a few drinks’, as you’ll already be loose and happy — more so than you ever were with alcohol. Disclaimer: this one is easy for me this time around since I stopped drinking completely almost a year ago.

You made it this far, future ninja.

I’m impressed. No really. This is a long post. This is a lot of information. 12 processes, 6 rules. This could be a lot to take in. No one said massive change would be easy, and these processes aren’t for everyone, but they are definitely for me, and I’m stoked. If they are for you, I want to hear about it. I will most definitely be posting again here on the wellnessdoer about my experiences as I go down this road. I will also post smaller snippets, and many Zachariahisms, on Facebook; come subscribe to my posts!

Happy Shifting. ~Zachariah