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Hi… this is me, my name is Elyssa… welcome to The Wellness Doer.

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What is a Wellness Doer? Easy… anybody that does/lives wellness as a lifestyle. Whether that be through being active, eating and buying healthy foods, being environmentally conscious, personal growth, having a positive mindset, etc. makes anybody a wellness doer. I assume since you are here reading this that you are a wellness doer as well.

         The Wellness Doer        The Wellness Doer

As for me… I make a living from it. I’m a personal trainer living with two fuzzy dogs (Sadie & Griffin) in sunny San Diego. I am also a writer, adventurer, yogini, artist, earth lover and connoisseur of delicious food. I live to inspire people and to be inspired. Just like the rest of us I am also a student of life. I am constantly in the practice of growing my mind, body and soul. And at the same time finding great joy in the small things, simple pleasures, culture, smiling faces and fantastic food. This life is far from ordinary and I’m here to share this life with you.

My path to natural health started when I was a kid with my Mom telling me to wash my face every morning and every night and to NEVER wear make-up. In my teens I worked at a juice bar which in turn opened my eyes to the world of health, a few years later I found myself working as a personal trainer and reading “non-toxic” living magazines.

Well fast forward a bit and here I am in my 30’s washing my face morning and night, wearing minimal make-up, drinking smoothies most every morning (you’ve got to have a day to enjoy brunch), staying active and doing as much as I can to live a non-toxic, positive, balanced lifestyle.

I consider myself really lucky. I wasn’t one of those kids that was aloud to eat sugary cereals or McDonald’s and my parents always encouraged me to play outside. In high school I did go through a phase of eating junk food and put on a few pounds, but once I started work at the juice bar I cleaned up my act real quick. When I was in collage I didn’t party or drink much but I did sorta rebel against the sugar rule and ate Fruit Loops every morning when I started living on my own but that didn’t last very long.

Now I have been personal training since 2002 and the process of learning what “natural health” is has been a long one. Being healthy isn’t just about eating right and working out. I did those things but I still had health issues, weight gain, weird pains, acne, stress, etc. But with each door opening leads to another… now I know that clean health is about finding balance, simplifying, being active, shopping and eating local-organic-non-processed foods, using toxin free home cleaners and beauty products and having a healthy and happy perspective on life.

So that is what I bring to the table… that is what this blog is all about. Sharing my experiences with living a lifestyle of natural health and all the things that make life great.

This blog is a place for you to find inspiration, humor, insights, links and info on all things wonderful. Can’t promise my blog wont be random, but then again, life wouldn’t be as fun without a little randomness.

Please keep in mind that all opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own and just that… an opinion. I share what has worked for me, please take all tips and health info and use at your own discretion. With that said I hope you stop by often, share your own stories, smile and enjoy this space.

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