Are You Waiting or Are You Making Shift Happen?

Shift Happens | The Wellness Doer

If you have been following my blog for awhile you may have already been introduced to Zachariah (guest writer) and read his post about the 90 Days of Shift. If you haven’t… well then you better get to it. We’ve got a whole new bunch of people that have just started the Shift and a bunch of others that are doing it again. It’s gonna get wild!

“The primary purpose of the Shift is to get out of our old mind, and re-pattern a new one. The shift works, and by works I mean, the shift can cause miracles… but it’s you that is the miracle worker, and the level of flow, and appearance of miracles depends on your level of commitment. The Shift is your life. If you really commit, if you really set goals that make you nervous, and feel your ego shaking in its boots,…. then the providence moves to.”

So with that said… would you like to join us? If you are serious about committing and making big shifts in your life there is a Facebook page that (if you ask Zachariah nicely) he can add you to to help with your process. Find him on Facebook under Zachariah Kral and read the 90 Days of Shift post so you know what you will be diving into.

I’ve committed to it again for my second time. I didn’t get very far last time but I’m ready to do some shifting… so join me, it’s gonna be fun. I’m sure you all are going to be receiving some of the benefits of my shifting via The Wellness Doer, so stay tuned.

Love you guys!