4 Best Cupcake Shops in San Diego

Best Cupcake Shops in San Diego // The Wellness Doer

Cupcakes were so last year and now donuts seem to have made a comeback, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t savor a cupcake here and there. San Diego offers a plethora of choices when shopping for cupcakes, more than I have ever experienced and out of the many shops I have been to, the following are my favorites. Giving them the title of the 4 best cupcake shops in San Diego. You can find the basics at chain stores like Whole Foods and Vons, but when it comes to high quality, melt in your mouth cupcakes, the following shops are where it’s at:  

1. Azucar – Two words… Coconut Cupcake. Hands down best coconut cupcake I’ve ever had. While you’re there you might as well get a coffee to sip while you enjoy your treat. Try the Cafe con Leche with almond milk. Delish!

2. Cupcakes Squared – The shop itself is nothing special, but what makes them special is the shape of their cupcakes… square!!! They offer every flavor you could desire. Their frosting is not too sweet which is a plus in my book. Their basic flavors such as Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Chocolate Vanilla are always my go to’s.

Best Cupcake Shops in San Diego // The Wellness Doer

3. Heavenly Cupcake – This was one of the first places that popped up in San Diego and happens to be in the heart of Downtown San Diego. This place kinda started my obsession with cupcakes given that it was right around the corner from a place I used to work at. One plus about this place is that they are open late. They stay open until they sell all their cupcakes. I go back and forth with the red velvet or the vanilla carmel… but… if it’s a day when they are offering peanut butter banana, that’s my pick!!! Just a heads up though… parking can sometimes be a bitch, but the cupcakes are worth it!

4. Sprinkles – Their cupcakes are a bit too sweet for me but when only eaten a half at a time, they are sprink-tacular! Sprinkles is one of the original cupcake shops that started in Beverly Hills years ago. They finally opened one in San Diego and has had a line out the door ever since. If you are up for a short wait they are worth trying. I haven’t tried enough flavors to know which is my favorite yet… but the vanilla was extremely delicious.


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