How to Create the Best Festival Experience

It’s that time of the year again… it’s festival season! Ask any one of my friends and they will all tell you that I have everything and anything you need to create the ultimate festival going experience. You name it, I’ve most likely got it. Tents, tapestries, cooking ware, a yurt, easy-ups, mattresses, chairs, etc. It all started with my first festival in 2008 when I attended Lightning in a Bottle. Never had I experienced such a thing. Music, yoga, art and amazing people gathering together to have a memorable time. Fast forward to present time and I’ve got more festivals under my belt than I can count and a collection of nifty tricks to make the festival process as easy as possible.

How to Create the Best Festival Experience // The Wellness Doer

Plan your meals ahead of time
Depending on the festival you are going to, you may be able to buy your own food, but I wouldn’t recommend buying every single meal, that can get really costly. Instead plan out your meals ahead of time. Make sure to pack healthy items, such as good meats, salads, oatmeal, trail mix, vitamin c and electrolytes packets, and fruit. Our bodies take a toll being in the heat all day, then staying up all night dancing till sunrise. So make sure you have the right foods to replenish. If you are camping with friends, get together and plan a family meal or see if people want to uplifted costs. When I went to Burning Man last year, every night someone was in charge of cooking the family meal. We ate like Kings and Queens and had time to spend and connect with each other before heading out into the craziness of the night.

Save plastic containers
I like to save plastic containers like the ones salads come in from super markets or Trader Joe’s (make sure they have lids)  then prepare meals such as your own salads (it’s cheaper) right before I leave for the festival. That way you don’t have to chop veggies, and haul around a bunch of ingredients. Then when you eat the meal, you can breakdown the container and recycle it!

How to Create the Best Festival Experience // The Wellness Doer

Toss all packaging beforehand
Once you’ve purchased all of your food and drink items for the festival, go through it all and toss all extra packaging. That way you are bringing less trash with you. Most all festivals are pack it in, pack it out. So the less trash you bring with you, the less you will have to worry about taking home.

Collect old sheets and tapestries
Throughout the year, stop into thrift stores and yard sales and pick up a few old sheets or tapestries. They come in handy for providing shade on your tent and/or chill space. You can totally just set up a tent and have a good time, but come morning the sun will start baking your tent. It’s always nice to have that extra layer between you and the sun. Also, at some festivals, it gets really hot during the day, having easy ups and sheets make for great shade hideouts.

How to Create the Best Festival Experience // The Wellness Doer

Start a collection
All year long I keep an eye out for fun things to wear at festivals. Jewelry, hats, full on outfits. I have a box that I throw everything in, then come festival season, I’ve got a collection of fun items that I or my friends can wear. It’s never fun to be roaming around, scavenging for things at the last minute.

Build a tool box
This is important in my book. If you attend festivals on the regular, I would recommend getting a plastic container box and put stuff in it that you may not think about but will need come time. Items such as, extra toilet paper, baby wipes, extra batteries, tools, duck tape, extra sunblock, flash lights, rope, bungie cords, umbrella, extra lighters, Advil and ear plugs. You’d be surprised at how often you will have uses for all of that. Plus it also is great to have if you are an avid camper as well.

How to Create the Best Festival Experience // The Wellness Doer How to Create the Best Festival Experience // The Wellness Doer How to Create the Best Festival Experience // The Wellness Doer

Have an open heart
All the above points may be obvious, but this one is dear to my heart. I can’t stress how important it is to attend festivals with an open heart. I believe people enjoy going to them because yes, you dance, do yoga and have a great time, but also because it’s an opportunity to let loose. It’s a way for people to fully express themselves without the fear of being judged. So go my friends and let your heart be open to whatever arises. Throw your arms up in the air and wave them around like you just don’t care… literally.

Bring it home
Along with all that your brought, make sure to bring what you experienced home with you as well. Maybe you made new friends, you found a new understanding of self acceptance, you let some walls down, or realized that you love dancing. Whatever you learned about yourself and the power of community, bring that home with you! Apply it to your everyday world. Don’t just wait for the next festival to be self expressed and love all beings. You can do it everyday.

There you have it. I can’t tell you everything, I’ve got to leave you to find your own tricks. With every festival I attend I learn something new. Have you been to some festivals? Which ones and what tricks to you have to share? How to you make it the best festival experience?

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