Happy Birthday to Me: 34 Things I’ve Learned in the Last Year

I recently turned 34. I have no shame in sharing my age. With every year added to our calendar in this lifetime is a reminder of love we’ve shared, laughs and tears, friends, experiences and all the other mixings that make life one giant delicious cocktail of awesomeness. Every birthday I write a post reflecting on life and everything I’ve learned up to this point. The below list are things I learned this year, and check the picture below of the sunset… The universe blessed me with it for my birthday.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

1. You must love yourself before loving another.
I think this is pretty self explanatory, but it’s true. I’ve learned this year that if I cannot love myself I can not truly love another. I attached expectations and conditions to my love, and you know what? That doesn’t feel good, for the other person or for myself. Really learning to adore myself in all my goods, greats and not-so greats was one of my biggest lessons this year.

2. Honesty is key.
I’m usually a pretty honest person but I don’t always say the truth when I should, I wait for the “right moment”, then end up thinking to myself “I should of said something when I thought about it”. We all know the truth hurts but really when it comes down to it, saying what you feel right of the bat is the best thing you can for all parties involved.

3. Coffee is better with whipped cream.
I discovered this year that I really enjoy making my coffee at home with coconut oil and whipped cream. It just happened one morning when a friend of mine left some whipped cream at my house and now I can’t drink my coffee without it. I highly recommend it. Just make your coffee however you do. Add a spoonful of coconut oil and top it with the whipped cream… Voila! Perfection in a cup.

4. Luck is just a perspective.
People always tell me I’m lucky, but I don’t believe it. Luck is just a perspective. One person may see it as luck, another as a curse. I believe that I create my own reality… so I create my own luck.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

5. How to teach Yoga.
I had been talking about it for years and finally completed a 200 hour Yoga teacher training certification.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer 34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

6. The importance of a loving community.
This was a huge lesson for me this year. First off I learned how much I was craving a loving, supportive community. Second, once that community came together, how beneficial it is for my mind and heart to be surrounded by such a community.

7. Communication.
Seriously folks. Talk it out. Say what’s on your mind. I could’ve saved myself so much trouble and pain if I would of been clear with my words.

8. People genuinely want to help. (Opportunity to give)
If you live in a world where you believe people are selfish and greedy than you probably will only experience that. I live in a world where people are loving and generous. People want the opportunity to give. By receiving something from someone is in turn gifting them that opportunity. If I need help, support or something I ask. Worst thing someone can say is no and that ain’t so bad.

9. Heartache makes you stronger.
I don’t really want to go into this one too much because my heart still hurts but I know without it I wouldn’t have uncovered things about myself that needed healing. Still working on it but at I super grateful for the experience.

10. Go after what you want.
Do it. You want to be a runner… go out and run. You want to travel… plan a trip. You want to lose weight… hire some help. Whatever it is just do it. The only thing that is stopping you is you and the excuses you tell yourself.

11. I have an addiction to downloading music.
It’s true. I already had an obsession with music but now that I’m teaching Yoga I download music ALL.THE.TIME. Serious problem….. but I love my playlists. If you ever end up in one of my Yoga classes you’ll know what I mean.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

12. Best way to spend money is to travel.
I admit… I’ve known this, I was just reminded of it this year. With my solo road trip, Yosemite, road trip with my bestie, and my European adventure I was reminded how life enriching travel and adventure can be.

13. Attraction doesn’t mean you have to sleep with someone.
It doesn’t mean you even have to hook up with someone. A lot of the times, I believe, people feel an attraction to someone and immediately think it’s physical. We can be attracted to someone for their mind and/or “way of being”. I’ve learned how to distinguish the two and with that create some amazing friendships without the physical attrition being an issue.

14. Blogging is a second job.
Seriously. I am learning that I need to to set time aside just to work on my blog. I usually just work on it when I have time but that is not going to get it to where I’d like for it to be. Learning to schedule time for writing will really be what it needs.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer 34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

15. You will attract what you are in alignment with.
A simple example of this. When you want to purchase a red car, all you see is red cars. Where you put your focus you will attract just that. I choose to put my focus on abundance and love. Where do you choose to put yours?

16. Preparing for Burning Man is serious business.
I’m not even joking. Are you familiar with burning man? Look it up if you’re not. This will be my first year and it takes some serious planning and prep work… but I have a feeling it will be SO WORTH IT.

17. I have the best job in the world.
I really do. I get to teach people how to live a more healthy, enriched life. #winning

18. What you want doesn’t always come in ways you want.
Something I learned this year is that what I think I want doesn’t necessarily come to me in the “package” I expect it to. Example… I wanted a vacation. I knew I was going on a trip but how it unfolded wasn’t what I expected but exactly what I needed. Just goes to show… ask for what you want, just don’t have any expectation of how it should come to you.

19. I like beards.
This is new for me. I never used to like beards. Now I think they are the sexiest thing.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

20. Road trips are better with besties.
Grab your best friend and plan an adventure together. And if you have a friend like mine, you will for sure have an experience of a lifetime that you will forever be grateful for.

21. Solo road trips are just as good.
Just as equally it’s important to take a solo road trip. Having to rely on just yourself (and maybe your dog) can be life changing. When I went on mine I was in a place of transition and the time to myself  helped clear my head.

22. I am worthy.
I am worthy of what I want. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of happiness and so are YOU!

23. Trust, surrender and let go.
BIG lesson for me this year. So many things went in ways that I didn’t want, but I had to let go of attachments and really trust that everything was going to work out just as they needed to and that I was going to be fine. Still learning, it’s just much easier now.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

24. I prefer the forest over the beach.
I think I’ve finally faced the fact that I prefer to be in the forest than laying on the beach. I think living near the Redwoods is in my future.

25. I am not who I thought I was.
I’ve changed a lot over the last year. Some people would say for the worst, others for the better, but it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that I happy with myself.

26. There is no time to waste.
Do what you love and tell the people you love how you feel.

27. I have all the time in the world.
Where I do believe there is no time to waste at the same time I believe time is on my side. If it doesn’t feel right to make a decision then I take as much time as I need to do so… just so long as I know I’m not procrastinating.

28. The importance of an extensive wardrobe.
I, for the longest time, wanted to convince myself that I didn’t need that much clothes, shoes and accessories. Recently though every time I go through my closet I find myself wishing I didn’t get rid of certain things. I’m ok with being a minimalist but I’ve decided I am going to embrace having a large wardrobe. Now I just have to build it back up.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

29. Sometimes you just need to take a break.
For a big chunk of last year I took some time off of working out. I just did the bare minimum to be healthy. I let go of any physical goals I had for myself. Let me tell you something… it felt so good. My body needed a break. I just worked out to workout and loved it. I’m not saying toss your goals out the window, just don’t beat yourself up over them either. Our bodies need to chill sometimes, recovery is just as important as the workout itself is.

30. Journal, journal, journal.
This last year I got back into the habit of journaling. It’s seriously been the best way for me to process things. I believe if I hadn’t I would still struggling over certain things.

31. Do what you do best, hire the rest.
Yep. It’s true. I just need to stick to what I am good at and either ask for help or hire help. No point in doing something half assed that someone else can do beautifully.

34 Things I've Learned in the Last Year // The Wellness Doer

32. Life is better with pets.
I’ve had my dogs for 8 years now and I’ve always known that it’s proven you live longer when you have a pet. Having Sadie and Griffin in my life brings me tremendous amounts of joy EVERY DAY, even when I feel like shit. Plus they make great travel companions.

33. I love my 30’s.
I know I was going to love my 30’s before I even turned 30, but not until this last year did I really appreciate being a 30 something year old. I could care less about aging, I figure as long as I age gracefully I’ll be fine, but what I really love about my 30’s is how I approach life situations, that in my past, I wouldn’t of handled so well. My frame of mind is just different and I think going through your 20’s is what gets you there. I don’t care what anybody says… turning 30 rocks.

34. I will always be learning.
Let’s face it. Life is just one giant lesson. We will always be learning. Be open and embrace change. Love with all your heart and see life’s lessons as gifts of growth.

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