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Bringing Burning Man Home

Bringing Burning Man home does not mean the several layers of playa dust that coat every single thing you own, a pair of boots that you will forever call your “burner boots”, or the dozen of well crafted gifts that you received for just being awesome. Bringing Burning Man home means something much more than that.

When I told people I was going to Burning Man for the first time the usual comment I would get was “prepare to have your mind blown!” Well I was prepared… maybe even too prepared for my first burn. I have way too many friends that have been before for me to show up unprepared, but no one could prepare me for the experience I was about to have, but did I have my mind blown? No.

Don’t get me wrong, Burning Man was amazing. An incredibly supportive, expressive, loving community. An array of art cars covered in lights blowing fire and bumping music that makes even the non talented dancers shake their hips. Fancy decorated bikes everywhere, hundreds of beautiful people and the occasional penis (you can be fully self expressed at burning man and that includes nudity).


But my mind wasn’t blown. This is my theory as to why… when you are already part of a creative, supportive, loving community in your normal day life, that kind of living isn’t unfamiliar. Yes, it’s true that I don’t see a naked guy riding past my house on a bike decked out as a furry dinosaur in the morning or a giant metal rhinoceros art car cruising down the street, but how open and giving and loving people are IS part of my everyday reality. So when I am emerged in a 65,000+ populated community of people pretty much all expressing joy and love… I feel right at home.

I had a friend tell me there are two types of people that go to burning man, those who have their minds blown and those who feel like they are home. Makes sense now when people said to me “welcome home” when I stepped onto the playa for the first time.

burn6 burn4

I don’t really know what I was expecting. After some thought about my experience I realized (and already knew) that you make your own experience. It took a lot of work (and money) getting ready for the festival, we couldn’t go in when we wanted to due to the gates being closed because of rain, we didn’t have a set camping spot and many other factors that could of easily been a pain in my ass if I had chosen to see it that way, but to me… it all worked out so beautifully. I approached the whole week with open arms and an open heart. Also being blessed with such amazing friends that reverberate that openness, makes it easy to surrender to what ever arises.

We create our own experience. We get to choose how we respond, act, love and exist. Whether you go to Burning Man or your local grocery store you are completely 100% responsible for your experience. Whether you are handed a situation where your bike is stolen, your tent gets filled with dust, or you lose all of your friends to the depths of the playa, you have in that moment, a chance to respond in a way that is not going to fuel negative energy. It’s hard to explain but it’s something that comes from the depths inside you.

burn5 burn2

To say that Burning Man changed my life would not be a true statement, it more so reminded me of what is possible in my every day life, provided a sense of relief that I’m on a path that is continuing to support my higher purpose and fuel the flame of inspiration. With each sunrise to sunset that blanketed the silky sand of the playa I fell in love over and over again with life.

Being that my life is already bursting at the seams with a community that is fully self-expressed and full of love, it’s not a hard to transition back into “normal life” (whatever that means). Bringing Burning Man home to me is to just to keep doing what I’m doing… minus the flaming octopus maybe. In my eyes it’s not that hard to create a community that mirrors that of which inhabits Black Rock City for a week.


If you love yourself and the world around you in a unattached and selfless way, it will be mirrored back to you. Everyone and everything shows up in your life as something beautiful. You don’t need to go to Burning Man to have your mind blown or life changed. Go to Burning Man to experience it and see what comes up for you. If it reveals something to you that you “wish you could experience” in everyday life, make note of it and bring that feeling home with you. Burning Man isn’t anything special in the sense that you can’t feel the same way in normal life. Yes, it’s true… you can’t drive around on a double-decker dragon art car playing your favorite electronic music in normal life, but the feeling that it produces can be created even in your most average of days.

If you have any sliver of curiosity about Burning Man, I say, GO! Go experience it and come back and share with me what you think. That has been one of my favorite things is hearing everyone’s stories. Black Rock City is built and burnt, take with you the infinite understanding of connectedness and leave the physical attachment behind.

Love you all, I really do.

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