Easy Ways to Burn More Calories

I see people slave away in the gym and still want to know how to burn more calories.It’s really quite simple… the more you move, the more you burn. Here are a few ways to get a little extra calorie burn in and out of the gym. Do one, do them all, but whatever you do… move! 🙂

Outside of the Gym:

Park Farther Away
You know this one. The more steps you take in a single day the more calories you burn. Everyone always wants to find the spot closest to the front, but why? If you are working on creating healthy habits in your life, I would suggest putting out of your mind that you need to park close. Park at the back of the parking lot and walk those few extra feet.

Take the Stairs
I work in a 3 story gym. I think it’s the funniest thing that people take the elevator when they are perfectly fine (i.e. no injuries). I’ve even seen trainers do it… not acceptable. If you have two working legs, take the darn stairs. I can understand if you have to travel many stories but if it’s just a couple, avoid the elevator and find the stairwell. Your healthy will thank you.

Go the Extra Mile
If you are a runner, jogger or a walker take yourself that extra mile. If that seems to be a bit much, start yourself at a quarter mile, then half, etc. Even if you just walk an extra block in your neighborhood you tack on the extra milage and take off those extra calories. This works for any cardio equipment as well (at home or in the gym).

Yep. Dance your freak’n ass off. Best way to burn calories AND have fun. Do it with friends, your partner or by yourself. Every little bit counts as they say, so maybe a little wiggle here and a little wiggle there and you’ll be burning those extra calories in no time!

Hold Plank
You can do plank anywhere. It’s a great goal to set for yourself to do plank everyday for 30 days or something like that. Each day work on increasing your time. Plank works your whole body. You can always start off by doing on your forearms and your knees and then work your way up doing in on your toes and hands. (See picture)

Ways to Burn Extra Calories // The Wellness Doer

Set a Timer
If you are desk sitter I would suggest to invest in a timer. Set it for every 30 or 60 minutes to go off. When the buzzer sounds, get up a walk around the office, do 10 squats, hold plank, push-ups, crunches, something active. If you do it every hour think of how much physical activity you would get done in a single day.

In the Gym:

Cardio Bursts
I love this one. It’s pretty easy. Say you have a workout that consists of 6 exercises (just like one from my Workout Corner). Between every two exercises you add a cardio burst. A cardio burst can be anything that gets your heart rate up… treadmill, stair climber, burps, whatever. Do it for 3 minutes then go to the next two exercises. Do those then do another cardio burst… make sense?

Super Set
Basically means two exercises back to back for however many sets (usually 3). That would look something like this… 10 squats, followed by 10 push-ups, then back to the squats, then the push-ups until you complete 3 rounds.

I do this mostly with my clients. It can be anywhere from 3 to 5 exercises. You do everything for one round each before you repeat. iT’s just like super setting but with more exercises.

Keep Moving
I see a lot of people sitting in the gym. You mean to tell me you sit all day at work, sit in your car to drive to the gym, then sit at the gym??? Once you do an exercise, move. Or go to another exercise. It’s good to rest in-between sets but if you move, you will keep the calories burning.

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