Zachariah Kral:

Friends Say the Darndest (Inspirational) Things – My favorite Zachariah quotes

Guest Writer Zachariah Kral, An Introduction


Zachariah’s Theory of Everything (Magnanimously Abridged)

90 Days of Shift

It’s Always About Vibration


Dr. Michael Mantell Ph.D.:

Welcome Dr. Michael Mantell Ph.D.

Smart May Be Dumb and Hard May Be Easy: A New Approach to Goal Setting

What Do You Want to Change? Be it!

How to Communicate With Anybody

Use the CHAIR Method for a Balanced, Healthy Life

“It Will Be Alright”

Keep Moving… and Other Things for Wellness

Wanna Play? Playing is Good for Your Health

Here’s to a Happy Sleep

What Do You Lean On?

The Link is What You Think

Dream Your Way to Happiness


The Smile Contest

The Forgotten Factor

Kindness and It’s Cousin, Happiness

Merry and Happy Mean Just That

Stop Working Now

To Live, You’d Be Wise Not to D.I.E.

SEEDS, CRAFTS, and Workplace Negativity


Lifestyle of the Unemployed

An Introduction

Build Your Legacy

How to Pull a Three Day Weekend

Date Out of Your League


Heather Fleming:

Mindful Harmony With Your Nutrition


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8 Delicious Dip Ideas + Pretzel Crisps Pairing – Sponsored by Pretzel Crisps

Piccola Vita | Life Loving Traveler

Working Out & Eating In


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Traveling Wishes by Piccola Vita

An Adventure Down Hwy 1 and the Pacific Coast Highway by Exsus Travel

What is the 10 Minute Squat Test? by Shane Dowd