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The Pros and Cons of Living on a Boat

Home is Where the Heart Is

34 Things I’ve Learned in the Last Year

My Year (2013) in Review

What I’m Loving From Around the Web #2

What I’m Loving From Around the Web #2

What I’m Loving From Around the Web #1

Weekends = Brunch

Feeling Blessed

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Tipsy Tuesdays:

10 Benefits of Lemons

7 Ways to Enjoy the Moment

4 Exercises to Burn Extra Calories (video)

5 Steps to Juicing Greens

6 Reasons To Stop Drinking Soda

10 Foods That Give You Energy

8 Random Acts of Kindness

9 Reasons to Drink Water


Art / Music:

How to Create the Best Festival Experience

12 of My Favorite Memories from Burning Man

Bringing Burning Man Home

Music to Live By: Creative Collective Playlist

My Favorite Music from Lightning in a Bottle

7 Things I (Re)Learned at Lightning in a Bottle

Alex Grey and Jeans 4 Justice Event Recaps

Medicine For The People

My Submissions – Instagram Photos in Black & White

Video Art Obsession

There’s No Place Like Home: Lightning in a Bottle

A Tribute to Bob Ross


Positive Lifestyle:

How Being in Nature Reminds Uf of Our True Nature

25 Ways to Radically Love Yourself Right Now

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

Turning Fear into Fuel: 6 Suggestions that Helped Me Overcome My Fears

Transformation Can Be a Bitch

7 Tips to Living Like You’re on Vacation

What Are You Thinking?

Living Life With Child Like Excitement

The Importance of Being Grateful

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years

Let Go, Buy Less and Save the World

The Power of Our Words

Change is Good

Changing My View of the World

Every Day is a Win

I Choose… You

5 Tips to Make Today Matter

Thoughts Become Things

The Universe Always Provides

Overcoming My Fears

Noticing the Unnoticed

Finding Balance

What Does it Mean to Be Mindful

Choosing to Stay Positive

Give Me Face Time Please

Attachment vs Commitment

What are You Grateful For

We Are What We Feel and Perceive


A Man’s Perspective:

It’s Not All About Boobs and Butt


Man’s Best Friend:

How to Road Trip with Your Dog

PetBox Delivery and an Introduction to Sadie and Griffin


My 90 Days of Shift Process:

My 90 Days of Shift, Day 48: Allowing Emotion

Want to Be Great? Act Great: My 90 Days of Shift, Days 18 – 30

Practicing Self-Love: My 90 Days of Shift 10 – 17

My 90 Days of Shift: Days 1 – 9

Are You Waiting or are You Making Shift Happen



The Wellness Doer Gift Guide

The Possible Perspectives Game

Let’s Be Friends

Take a Moment to Smile

Gift Guide That Keeps on Giving

Volunteering is Cool, Everybody is Doing It

New Moon Solar Eclipse: Think Positive Thoughts

The Slow Driver Club

The Secret Life of Garbage

Sunday Morning Advice

Back in Action

Valentine’s Day Part 1

Valentine’s Day Part 2 – It’s Time to Change the Meaning

Pinterest Has My Interest

25 Things I’m Thankful For

A Little Thich Nhat Hanh Wisdom

Fair Daze

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Rocks, a Tree House and Blueberries

Coffee House Chit-Chat

Guardians of Beings

What Does it Mean to “Be Love”

Get Inside My Head

A Game Called Choice

Ninja Style

Words to Live By

Count Your Blessings

My Manifesto


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