San Diego:

My 5 Favorite Breakfast Spots in San Diego

Adventures in San Diego: Tecate Peak & Tacos

Adventures in San Diego: Mountains to the Sand

Adventures in San Diego: Day Trip to Julian

Adventures in San Diego: Whale Watching From a Plane

Simple Pleasure #21: Sunset Cliffs

Living in Vacation City

7 Tips to Living Like You’re on Vacation

Weekends = Brunch



4th of July Travel: From San Diego to France

Self Created Luck

7 Things I Learned in Europe

Road Trip in the South of France

Simple Pleasure #14: The Food in Europe



California Adventures: Camping at Lopez Lake

California Adventures: 5 Must-Do’s in Joshua Tree National Park

California Adventures: Visiting Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks

Getting Close to the Earth: Yosemite in a Day

My Day Trip to the Magical Land of Joshua Tree


Lake Tahoe:

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Lake Tahoe and New Year’s Resolutions

Slowing Ourselves Down

5 Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe


San Francisco:

My Submissions – Instagram Photos of SF in Black & White

Eat, Hike, and Be Happy in Marin County

A Trip to My Favorite City


Road Trips:

Road Trip Essentials

An Adventure Along Hwy 1 and the Pacific Coast Highway – Guest Post


Solo Road Trip: Being Alone Isn’t So Scary

Solo Road Trip: A Lesson in Surrender

Solo Road Trip: The Final Stretch


Map of the Road Trip

Road Trip Day1: Late Start and Cupcakes

Road Trip Day 2: Doing the Tourist Thing

Road Trip Day 3: Luxury in Santa Barbara

Road Trip Day 4: Change of Plans

Road Trip Day 5: San Francisco by Night

Road Trip Day 6: Food, Food, and More Food

Road Trip Day 7: At the Edge of the Earth

Road Trip Day 8 & 9 : Lost Touch

Road Trip Day 10: Saying Goodbye

Road Trip Day 11: Finding Myself

Road Trip Day 12 & Simple Pleasure #47: Road Trips


Road Trip in the South of France



Spontaneous Travel: Bali

How I Entertain Myself for a 17 Hour Flight

Beaches You Dream About

Bali Adventures

Deliciousness in Bali

Bali Coast to California Coast



My Top 5 Travel Essentials

Where to Travel Next?

National Wilderness Month

Simple Pleasure #31: Traveling