Change is Good

We’ve all been in a situation where we want someone or something to change. We are basically raised in a world where it’s a natural thought to have something else change in order for us to be happier, healthier, richer, more free, etc. Think about it… Governments want other Governments to change to their way of ruling. Religious groups want people to conform to their way of believing. In relationships we want the other person to change so they are more in line with the way we are. We want the economy to change, gas prices, the government, farming and so on. It’s everywhere, everyone wants change but it’s seems to be that everyone is afraid of change.

The elections are coming up, and regardless of who they are voting, everyone is wanting something to change. But it is a human condition to repeat ourselves, and not just when it comes to who we elect for a president.

We might not have a huge effect on making big change with big topics but we can make a change in smaller areas and something a little more accessible… ourselves.

We must evolve. We must change. Our old ways of thinking and doing things just don’t work anymore. We cannot take advantage of our planet. We cannot alter the natural way of food growth. We cannot build machines that pollute our air. You get where I’m going with this…?

We all want it, but are not really sure where to start. The starting point is within each and every one of us. We must expand our knowledge. We must expand our consciousness. I’m sorry to say but most of us walk around this world like zombies. So trapped in our minds and conditioned ways of thinking. The box is bigger than that… we are bigger than that.

Change is scary. What keeps most of us from change is fear… fear of the unknown, what others think, not being enough, blah, blah, blah. Bull-honkey. We are so much better than that. But that’s why we want everything else to change… so we don’t have to deal with the fear.

Now please understand that what I mean about changing ourselves is to change our state of awareness. If you feel strongly about a belief or whatnot by all means continue to believe in it. But by changing our state of awareness we are no longer bound to thinking that everyone else needs to change in order to support that belief. If they want to believe in the same thing, awesome, if not, awesome. That way there is no sides, there is no separation.
For things to really change, for us to really evolve into greater beings we must all act as one, regardless of what we believe.

I write all of this mostly for myself. Lately I’ve been noticing my thoughts on certain topics and finding myself judging others for not changing or being different. I cannot change that person. I have to change myself. I have to grow far beyond the superficial layer and see things differently. Do you know what I have learned from doing that??? That the situation or person that I originally wanted to change… changes. But not by my forcing of it but because I came to except where the person was at and moved on from there. Instead of judging and being resentful I practiced compassion. I made a choice to not allow the person to alter my happiness. By doing that I saw a change in them.

“We cannot change others we can only change how we approach the situation.”

I am not telling you that you need to change, more so to be in the inquiry on where you can change, push yourself, grow, and expand. The next time you find yourself frustrated at how something or someone is not what you expected think about how you can change how you approach the situation or the person.

That’s what I’ll be practicing all week… maybe you’ll join me.

Much love.