Changing My View of the World

How I view the world has changed in the last two months with the help of two things… An Energy Therapist and Instagram. Yep, Instagram… more on that later.


I had a friend rave about this Energy Therapist that she had visited and told me that I HAD to see her. She was so certain that I’d love this woman that she even paid for me to go. It already sounded interesting but someone offering to pay… can’t say no to that! So I went, and… it was amazing.We covered a handful of things but one of the things that stood out most was what she said about the constant urge I have to travel. (In case you don’t me very well… I’m always wanting to travel somewhere… always).

She said that I have to find contentment with the current moment. That supposedly my urge to continuously wanting to travel is because I’m not finding excitement in the present moment, so I think that I must go somewhere and do something new in order to experience it. She said once I do find excitement in the moment that the want to travel will just be for the sake of traveling, not to not do something that I’m doing now.


She gave me an exercise to do to get grounded and present and told me to look out on the world with fresh eyes. On my drive home, at work, my “everyday routines” – to look at those things as if they are a new adventure, that I’ve never done them before. OK… so that’s easy to say… not so easy to do, but I’m doing it anyway. You know that feeling of awe you get every time you see an amazing sunset? Well… it’s kinda like that. You never get tired of seeing a beautiful sunset, so how can you create that same feeling with other things in your life?

I started noticing things on my drive home that I’ve never seen before. I started taking my dogs to new spots to walk (exciting for them too). I’ve been working on treating every day at work as if it was my first. Cultivating excitement for waking up at 5:00am is hard to do but just the pure challenge of doing so makes it exciting.

I still want to travel but not because I’m not happy now, but because I can.


OK… sooooo Instagram. What is Instagram? If you don’t know it’s an app that allows you to add cool effects to your photos and share them with your followers. You can also follow other Instagramers and “like” and comment on their photos. Thats it, pretty simple. Some people get a little crazy with trying to get people to follow them, take a million photos of their face or only post half-assed pics of food – not a fan of that – but I do appreciate the ones who take the time to take good photos, which is my next point.

Since I’m committed to only taking and posting interesting, artsy, fun photos my perspective of what I’m taking a picture of has changed. It’s caused me to change the way I look at the world. It causes me to see beauty in things they may of once never seemed beautiful. A brick walkway my be boring to some but throw it on Instagram with a fancy effect and its awesome! Wanting to take pictures of interesting things now brings my attention to details, angels, texture and color… all things experienced in the present moment. See where I’m going with this?


I’m not saying you should go see an Energy Therapist or get an Instagram account (both would be cool though) but I will encourage you to really take a moment and notice what is around you. We get wrapped up in the everyday hussle and bussle. Slow down. Look around and see things as if you have never seen them before, or tasted, smelled, touched before… imagine how our love relationships would be if we did that. Butterflies in our tummies all the time! Notice colors, textures, shadows… literally stop to smell the roses. Smile at the pure joy of being able to experience the wind blowing through your hair.

I’m still working on being more and more present every day, and will continue to do so the rest of my life. If you are on Instagram or end up there some day, feel free to check out my photos at @etommer – and you can see what I mean.

Leave a comment below and share a time when something old seemed new… when you felt as if time stood still.

Much love and happy times smelling those roses!!!