Choosing to Stay Positive

This Japan crisis has been a mindful thus far hasn’t it? In watching the news and talking about it with people I’m finding it hard to have that cheerful positive outlook on life that I normally have. But I refuse to give in. It just calls me to look deeper. What happens when a tragedy occurs? Think about it… people unite. In the case of 9/11 all of america connected in a profound way (even though we did separated ourselves even more from them, the “terrorists”). Then there was the Thailand Earthquake, then Haiti and now with the Japan crisis, people all over send these places support. People unite on a global level. It’s beautiful, yet also sad that a “tragedy” has to happen in order for people to connect. Why is that?

Supposedly we have a radiation cloud headed towards the west cost. How can I look at this situation in a better way? Maybe due to this nuclear meltdown people will start to question if nuclear energy is truly clean energy. Maybe people will start to look into more sustainable forms of energy. After this Japan thing we can clearly see that nuclear energy is not going to support the human race in a way that will help us evolve in a non-earth damaging way. I think it’s a calling for the human race to step it up. We are constantly at war with each other – other fellow human beings – who love, hurt, cry, bleed, came from a mother, just like you and me. But yet we refuse to see each others differences. No one is perfect. What is perfection? An illusion maybe? I believe so. We fight with each other but really we need to look at the bigger picture… mother earth. If we keep treating her the way we are we wont have anything left – fighting with each other would be really stupid if we can’t even breathe in healthy oxygen, drink clean water, or plant in toxic free soil.

Deepak Chopra posted a commented on he’s twitter that said “With all the damage & mayhem we’ve caused, nature may be considering that the human species was an interesting experiment that did not work.” Really think about it… we’ve been gifted this earth to take care of and a consciousness that allows us to make choices. You can not have a positive without a negative nor a shadow without light. This Japan thing may be the shadow/negative side but that can only mean there is a light/postive side as well. So in the case of choice, what do you choose? Do you choose…

Love or Hate?
Compassion or Discrimination?
Faith or Fear?
Organic or Toxic?
Sustainability or Destruction?
To Take Action or To Complain?
To Speak Up or Stay Quite?

I choose Love, Compassion, Faith, Organic, Sustainability, To Take Action, and To Speak Up. I also choose to stay positive. More than ever right now we should be cherishing what we have and the people in our lives. With all this “crisis” in the world we need to hug more and give thanks. Send your love to Japan, donate money, do whatever you feel you need to to support. But don’t wait for a tragedy to help another and to connect with others. You are presented with that opportunity every day and most importantly… choose love.

*I was wanting the smiley face pictures to make you smile… hopefully it worked.