Crossing Things Off the List

My blog fell a little bit on the back burner this summer, but for good reason. Since April I traveled to Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Zion, Sedona Arizona, Chicago, Rome, the South of France, Long Beach, Lopez Lake, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Los Angeles a handful of times. Also attended an assortment of music shows, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, the LA County Fair, went sailing, and many dinner gatherings with friends. My summer has been jammed packed with continuous adventure that it seemed that I never got a chance to sit down and do some proper writing.

So you’ll have to excuse my absence.

Now here we are in October and to be honest I’ve still got a full schedule of escapades that await me, but looking back I realized I was able to cross some things of my List. Such as; traveling to Rome, attending Burning Man, swimming in Lake Tahoe and visiting two new National Parks (Bryce Canyon & Zion). Here is just a quick recap of my experiences:

Crossing Things of the List // The Wellness Doer

Bryce Canyon National Park & Zion National Park
In April of this year (2014) my best friend and I packed my Chevy Blazer (aka Black Beauty) full of camping gear, the dogs and a thrust for adventure and headed northeast towards Bryce Canyon. We gave ourselves a week to explore as much as we could doing a loop starting in San Diego –> Zion –> Bryce Canyon –> Grand Canyon –> Sedona –> and back to San Diego. I had been to the Grand Canyon and Sedona before, but Bryce and Zion were new on the list. Check out my post on my favorites from the road trip. Tell you what… if you ever visit Bryce Canyon make sure to pack some hot coffee and sit at the edge of the canyon at the Fairyland view point to enjoy a cup. Life seems to stand still in the presence of such beauty.

Crossing Things of the List // The Wellness Doer

Traveling to Rome
Oh Rome. I can’t really tell you I planned to go to Rome this summer, it just kinda happened. I was however planning a trip to France and realized that Rome was so close and that I had a friend that lived there, so why not?! I spent a week there exploring the entire city and stuffed my face with no concern for my waistline. Time well spent. Read about my adventure here.

Crossing Things of the List // The Wellness Doer

Burning Man
I’ve been waiting to go to Burning Man for years but things just never lined up for me to be there. This was the year. A journey that I believe everyone should experience if they have any curiosity about the event whatsoever. Check out my post on how to Bring Burning Man Home.

Crossing Things of the List // The Wellness Doer

Swimming in Lake Tahoe
On my way home from Burning Man my friend reminded me that “swim in Lake Tahoe” was on  my List. We were driving right past it on our way to San Francisco so we took a little detour, found a spot along the lake and dove in. It was a bit chilly but after spending a week in the desert, the cool, refreshing embrace of the water left us feeling cleansed and renewed. Well worth the 30 minute detour.

Do you have a list or what most refer to as a bucket list? What’s on your list? I’d love to hear what others are out to do with their lives, please share in the comments below. My list is ever growing. With new possibilities arising and opportunities being uncovered my life is on track to be one giant adventure! Wait… life is the adventure, it’s what we do with it that matters.

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