Day 1 of the 5 Day Lean-Out Program


I am the subject of an experiment. My good friend Heather over at Conscious Nutrition and I came up with a 5-day “lean-out” program designed for the vegetarian lifestyle. Given that I am pretty active, I want to keep my muscle mass and lose just a little bit of body fat. When I was eating meat I would just simply cut out carbohydrates for 5-days and I’d lean out just fine, but now being vegetarian it’s a little harder.

Heather designed the program to include high amounts of protein from vegetable sources, lentils and eggs… so I’m sorry my vegan readers and those of you that don’t like eggs.

Today is day 1 for me. Yesterday, knowing that I was going to be starting the program today, I drank coffee, a couple beers and treated myself to a little cake dessert… you know… to get it out of my system of course. This morning I started off with a protein shake. I felt great until I took one of the hardest yoga classes I’ve been to in awhile… and it kicked my ass! Feeling exhausted afterwards I recharged with egg whites, “live salsa”, and veggies… that seemed to help.

Anyhow… I’m going to share my progress with you… how I’m feeling and such. Here is the program she has designed for me…

5 days
2 protein shakes a day (I’m using Vega Protein)
2 servings of egg whites a day
1 serving of lentils
Unlimited veggies
Lemon water

On day 5 we will check in and see how I’m feeling… whether to extend the length or start to incorporate something else. During the next 5 days I’ll be practicing yoga and hopefully be able to do a light weight workout or two and be walking my dogs.

My goal here, again, is to lose some body fat, and to cleanse my system of sugar. Once I’m done with the program my hope is to continue to eat clean. I want to break the addiction that my body has to sugar and caffeine.

I’m excited about this challenge. As I’m sitting here typing this my friend is across from me eating a bagel with hummus. My self-control discipline may be challenged but I’m up for it. I know that the outcome is going to feel way better than any bagel or coffee or cupcake will ever taste… and besides, it’s only five days.

Ok… I’m gonna go drink another shake now. I’ll leave you with this to ask yourselves… How much sugar do you consume on a daily basis?

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