Day 5 of the Lean-Out Program

Either the world is going crazy or eating like this for 5 days has made me crazy. It seemed that everybody was crazy on the road today. It was great practice for me though… you know, to practice unconditional love and non-judgement and stuff like that. It was a bit challenging for me but I managed to make it to work without resorting to road rage. I’m glad it’s day 5, although like I mentioned yesterday, I’ll probably eat similar tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday… I may allow myself to have a little fun with my mother at the Renaissance Faire.I weight myself and test my body fat on Tuesday so I don’t want to jump into eating carbs full-out quite yet.

How I’m feeling??? I feel good. I did another workout this morning and it felt much better that Wednesdays workout. I had more energy and didn’t feel exhausted afterwards. I still may take a nap this afternoon because I hoping to do Jonathan’s yoga class tonight… oh… did I forget to mention Jonathan teaches yoga? Yeah… he’s pretty awesome. Speaking of Jonathan being awesome, he has been such a great supporter this last week. Cooking lentils and extra veggies for me, asking me how I’m feeling and reminding me to stay positive during my carb cravings. It’s so important to surround yourself with people who support you, without any judgements or expectations. If I’m happy, he’s happy. If you are committing yourself to a weight loss program or exercise routine, it feels really good to have someone you love encouraging you… maybe they aren’t doing the same thing but they support you regardless. It feels good don’t it?

I think I may have my meals planned out for the next week or so… Like green smoothie recipes, vegetarian dumplings, portabello burgers, and all sorts of other tasty stuff. I’m looking forward to cooking more and preparing our own foods. This past week has taught me the value of making your own food. You know exactly what is going into it. It is very rewarding eating something that not only tastes amazing but was also made by you. It’s like growing your own vegetables.

So do you want to know something cool? Well… I never used to like seaweed, such as roasted seaweed snakes or carob. Now I crave the stuff!!! I found myself craving seaweed the other day!!! I drove to Trader Joes, bought 4 packs of seaweed and downed one before I even got home. Things like lemon water taste sweet. I can’t wait to eat fruit again because I can’t imagine how amazing it is going to taste. When you cut out all the processed sugar crap your taste buds change. Things that were once so-so sweet now become super sweet and you don’t need the processed sugar anymore. So pumped for that!

I have good news, my good friend Zachariah is going to be contributing to The Wellness Doer blog once a week. He’s amazing, so insightful, charming and funny. I’m excited to have him on board, we both share the same outlook on health and the world… you guys are in for a treat! I’m hoping to also get Heather (Conscious Nutrition) to blog on here every once in awhile. So keep your figures crossed. 🙂

Day 1: I was unaware of what I was getting myself into. I expected to have physical change but the mental change has been much more rewarding.
Day 2: I found myself fighting it. I had crazy cravings and was trying to talk myself out of it. Who would of thought only two days in huh…
Day 3: I shared my weight and body fat… not too bad, but looking forward to see if there is any change. I also started to analyze why I wanted to eat certain things more so that kicking myself for not being able to have them.
Day 4: This day was really special for me. I talked about how important it si to not be too hard on yourself but how valuable it is to be disciplined. If I would have gave in on day 2 or 3, I would have been so bummed. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it!

I’ll check with you all tomorrow and let you know how the rest of my day 5 goes. Until then I leave you with a question to think about… Who in your life supports you unconditionally? Do you do the same for them? Take the time today to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Love you guys!