Eat, Hike, and Be Happy in Marin County

“I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill, it calls to me.
To be where little cable cars
Climb halfway to the stars!
The morning fog may chill the air
I don’t care!”

Ok, actually I didn’t leave my heart in San Francisco, it’s still right here in my chest but every time I go there I get closer and closer to moving there. Although we spent most of our time in Marin County this time. Jonathan grew up there so getting around and knowing where to go was very easy.

When in Marin area you must check out the following places. And I do mean must

Rustic Bakery – this place is soooo yummy. You must try the quiche. Also if you are fan of coffee, order a vanilla latte with whipped cream. The vanilla syrup and the whip cream are both house-made. They also have other pastries like gluten free scones, grilled sandwiches and such… but the quiche is the way to go.

BackyardBOOGIE – Awesome t-shirts, awesome art. It’s a “retail lounge” with unique t-shirts from mostly local artists. If your around pop in and check out the artwork on the walls. Entertain your eyes, buy a t-shirt and support a local business.

Half Day Cafe – Yum yum yum. My recommendation here is to sit out in the patio if it’s a nice day. Sip on a Cafe Borgia and enjoy some lip smacking food. One view gives you lush ferns, the other gives you rustic brick. Either direction you face you are bound to have have a happy belly.



Alpine Lake & Dam – If you like to bike you will love the road out there. Once to the Dam you can hike down into the forest. We took the dogs down to the creek and let them swim around. Talk about happiest dogs in the world! Pack a lunch and bring it with you so you can really enjoy it down there… so beautiful and peaceful.




Deer Park – I randomly took the dogs here while Jonathan was running errands. The trail is up by the children’s center and it takes you back behind where you can find several different trails. I kept to the main fire road but it was beautiful and very quite… there were only a few people on the trail so it felt like my own personal nature walk. You can also find lots of picnic tables. You drive through Fairfax to get there, so make sure to stop and do a little shopping while your there.



Cafe Gratitude – You guys already know I love this place. They have a location in San Rafael. Order the “I AM GRACE” and enjoy some positive feel good vibes.

Good Earth Natural Food Store – This place was amazing. I wanted to mention this store because its the perfect stop to pick up picnic items. If you will be doing any hiking, bike riding, or nature walking in any of the surrounding mountains, Good Earth is a perfect place to pick up some lunch or to refuel afterwards.

Mt. Tamalpais – LOVE. Mt. Tamalpais is the tallest mountain in Marin County. You can’t miss her. You can hike the mountain or if you are short on time you can drive to the top. It’s $8 to park so make sure to have cash. There are a few different trails you can hike around and the views are astonishing! You can see all of Marin County and on a clear day you can see the Bay and San Francisco. We will be camping here next time… 🙂



Muir Woods – Muir Woods is magical. That’s really all I can say. Although I will say that if you are traveling with dogs you can’t bring them with you. But you must visit. I don’t know how I feel about the boarded board walk but at least it keeps people on the trail. Make sure to take some of the trails off of the main trail.




Muir Woods Beach Lookout – My favorite place on Earth right now. Head to HWY 1 after Muir Woods, you can’t miss it. It gives you the best view of the coast. Ahhh… it’s so amazing. Go, go… go there now!