Every Day is a Win

I’m on day 4 of the 90-days of shift. Have you read it yet? If not you better get to it… everybody is doing it. 🙂 I’ve done something similar before at the end of last year. I did a series of daily rituals for 6 weeks, and I didn’t miss a day. Loved it and it changed so much in my life and in my body. Now I’m ready to take it further.

Being on a path of self-realization and growth is not always easy. Stuff comes up. Things we have pushed aside to deal with later come right front and center. To live a life that we dream of and to further expand our consciousness we must face those things that we don’t always want to face. It’s kinda like getting a tattoo… sometimes it hurts real bad, but in the end it’s beautiful and permanent. Once your on that path of expanding yourself there is no turning back. I’m loving it. Just 4 days into the 90-day shift and I’ve had stuff come up… stuff like having a hard time thinking of 10 wins for the day… in the end I do, but it’s amazing watching where my mind goes as I think of all the great things that happen in my day. And you know what?

Everything is a win. Every day is a win.

I’m hoping as you read this there is something in you that is seeking a higher knowledge, a higher understanding… and hopefully you are well on your way to having it… actually, you already have it.

Stay focused on your dreams folks, love with all your heart, be that shining light in the world, be the movers and the shakers, dance your asses off and… well… LIVE.

Much love to ya…