Fair Daze

There is nothing like a trip to the County Fair. LA County Fair is the largest fair in the U.S. The fair’s attendance tops one million every year! With that many people can you imagine how many fried twinkies are consumed!!! My family and I go every year. We spend the whole day and walk every building and every aisle. There is no other place where you can read the bible and right across the way you can purchase a belt buckle the size of a brick… a few booths down sample chip dips and candied nuts. Also be able to witness live in person how numurous gadgets can make life easier. Or there is always the o’so lovely foot detox. When I walk by those booths and see people with their feet sitting in a tub of muddy water it does not entice me to do the same. Oh and you got to love the people getting their teeth whitened facing out towards the aisle… talk about a major selling point. But the fair does offer countless deals, cheap jewelry and toys to entertain kids (and big kids) all day.

And what would a visit to the fair be without some indulgence in fair food??? Anything you want you can find it there. The new “fried” attraction this year was fried Kool-aid. I couldn’t bring myself to try it but I was tempted by the giant maple-bacon donuts… and yet I still resisted and felt safe with my two mini cupcakes. Some people love to watch the mechanical bull riding some prefer singing along with the folks at the karaoke booth… me… I get my entertainment from “Freddy’s Fried Food” stand. Twinkies, Oreo’s, Snickers, Kool-Aid, avocados and so on… all fried. It’s entertaining to me to watch people order and eat that shit – eating that stuff will for sure send you to a hospital bed. I couldn’t do it… ugh just thinking about it as I type makes me a little ill to my stomach.

Another great attraction at the fair is the concerts they put on at night. My totally awesome sister bought the whole family tickets to see One Republic. We were in the third row center… talk about kick ass. I’ve not been a fan of One Republic and not because I didn’t like them but just because I didn’t know enough about them… but I got to say I was highly impressed. A very talented group of guys with a good message. Plus they were all very nice to look at… You might have heard their stuff on the radio but they are worth checking out. I’m now a fan.

All in all another successful trip to the fair. I managed to not spend my life savings on any gadgets, bibles, belt buckles, bed sheets, cheap jewelry or a home sauna… the only thing I did spend my money on was yellow nail polish – a whole $2.00 and two pairs of $5.00 sunglasses!!! Talk about a deal! I managed to capture some cool photos with my phone… which makes my want for a new camera that much more intense.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!