5 Things I Love Thursday: My Favorite Breakfast Spots in San Diego


Every Thursday I post about 5 things I’m loving. This week’s feature is focused on 5 breakfast spots in San Diego that I love. Some are total splurges, but all of them offer healthy options so you can keep within your health needs. Don’t live in San Diego? No worries, I’ve provided links to recipes that are a similar match to my favorite dishes at these restaurants… you know, just in case you wanted to make them yourself, or you could always pay San Diego a visit *wink wink*.

Crest Cafe
This quaint little cafe was featured on the T.V. show Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dive’s, and rightfully so. When you first walk in you may think it’s like any other diner/cafe style restaurant. Beside the eclectic art and paint job, the food itself stands out from the rest. Our favorite is the chicken and waffles, it’s crisped to perfection and offers a balanced spicy kick to the sweetness of the maple. They also have a plethora of healthy menu items to choose from. One thing is for sure, they have more menu items than you will ever be able to try.

Recipe: Spiced Chicken and Waffles

Herring Bone
Oh geez, where do I even start with this one. How about this… just go. If you haven’t been there go, go for brunch, go for dinner, but just go. It’s delicious and the design of the place is to die for. Let me tell you this… there are 100 year old olive trees growing INSIDE the restaurant. That’s worth a visit in itself, the fantastic food just happens to be a bonus.

Recipe: Brioche French Toast with Berries and Caramel Sauce

Snooze and AM Eatery
If you try to go to Snooze on a Saturday morning, forget about it. Everyone else has the same idea and craving award winning food just like you. You are better off waking up early on a week day and getting there when they open (6:30am). Order a mocha and the ‘Sandwich I Am’, it’s fancy version of a breakfast sandwich served on a warm pretzel bun.

Recipe: Egg, White Cheddar and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich on a Pretzel Bun

This will be Babycakes second mention on this blog. When it comes to breakfast, sometimes I wake up and the first thing I think of is red velvet pancakes. If that happens, it’s a morning spent at Babycakes because they by far have the best red velvet pancakes in San Diego. As I mentioned in the other post, the Cha Cha Chilaquiles are also fabulous and the two of them ordered together make for a great meal.

Recipe: Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze

The Mission
The Mission offers pancakes and yummy waffles just like most breakfast spots, but my favorite is their Latino Breakfast Plates, such as the Papas Loco. It’s simple, consisting of potatoes, black beans, cheese, avocado and roasted jalapeños (I always add eggs), but it’s damn delicious! The restaurant is popular, so if you go on the weekend make sure to plan to wait, but it’s worth it.

Recipe: Roasted Rosemary Red Potatoes

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