10 Ways to Feel Great Now

10 Ways to Feel Great Now // The Wellness Doer

Feeling a little down? Have no fear, Elyssa is here!!! We all go through it. Even the happiest, most positive of people I know have down days, and having down days is ok. Sometimes though we want to pull ourselves out of it but may not really know how. I put together a list of 10 things you can do right now (depending where you are at of course) that could make you feel better. Prepare yourself for some goodness.

1. Smile – Even if you have to force it. Do it until you laugh at yourself. Sometimes pinching your earlobe helps too. Not sure where I heard that from but it seems to work.

2. Rock out to your favorite tunes – Put your headphones in or turn the stereo up loud, find a song you love that makes you feel good and ROCK THE FUCK OUT!

3. Hug somebody – Instant feel better goodness. It’s been proven that hugs reduce stress. I’ve been known to hug instead of shake hands, even if I just met you. Who knows, maybe the other person is in need of a hug too.

4. Exercise – Duh. Release those endorphins baby. Best way to feel good. Even if it’s just 20 minutes. Go for a walk, run, jump up and down, hopscotch, do a handstand – just do something.

5. Take a bath, steam, or sauna – Ahhh… yep, that’s the sense you get when you think of doing one of those 3, so get to it! Add a little essential oil to your experience for some added pick-me-up goodness.

6. Visit nature – If you have been inside all day, a healthy dose of sunshine might do you some good. If you have a park near by – go lay in the grass. Or you could even hug a tree… 🙂

7. Sex – I contemplated putting this on the list but I couldn’t resist, and let’s be honest, it is a awesome way to feel great now (given you are in a healthy, loving relationship).

8. Meditate – Go to a quite place and sit and breathe for about 10 minutes or so. Focus on taking deep breathes. Smile with each exhalation.

9. Call a friend – You always have your go-to feel better friends. Call em’ up and get some face time in.

10. Treat yourself – If you are capable of treating yourself and not over-indulging or feeling guilty, this is always a nice way to feel better. For me it’s a cup of steamy, creamy, chocolaty, coffee yumminess.

There you have it. 10 ways to feel better now. Imagine if you did all 10 in one day… wowzers! That could be categorized as a “best day ever”!!!

Do you have anything you would add to this list that you do that has you feeling great!?

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