Feeling Blessed

Feeling Blessed | The Wellness Doer

I feel so blessed living in San Diego. I live close to the beach, I see the ocean every day, I get to eat at amazing restaurants, meet amazing people, hike, do yoga, shop at some of the best farmer markets, and get paid to get people healthy all under the beautiful California sun.

Really? Really really? This is my life.
No complaints here.

Yesterday I got to lead a group of people on a hike, followed by some lunch at the Stone Brewery. My best girlfriend took some photos, so once I get those I will share.

Today, pretty much every Sunday, I head to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market. It’s my favorite market in San Diego. I always pick up the essentials: produce, eggs, bread, and yogurt. It’s just such a great feeling being able to buy right from the farm itself, say instead of at a store. I get to fill my own containers so to cut down on waste and, well… the people are just down right sweethearts.

I seriously feel so blessed. Having the ability to get farm fresh, organic food at my finger tips is something a lot of people don’t get to do or will never experience. I have an abundance of gratitude for my possibilities.

The market is in full bloom, so MUCH color everywhere! I am thankful for having an awesome camera on my phone but I do have to admit I found myself wishing I had a nice digital.
I might make that happen this week…

Feeling Blessed | The Wellness Doer Feeling Blessed | The Wellness Doer Feeling Blessed | The Wellness DoerFeeling Blessed | The Wellness Doer Feeling Blessed | The Wellness DoerHope you all had a fantastic weekend and an even more fantastic week!
Thanks for reading!