Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Or I like think of it as more of a gold brick…

You know that feeling you get when it feels that everything is working in your favor? Well… that’s my life most days. You know what I like to tell people when “serendipity” happens… “that’s how you know you are on the right path”. When life just flows that’s how you know you are in alignment with yourself, with that higher awareness we all possess. Well that’s been my goal lately. To have life just “flow” all the time… and it seems to be working. I feel like I’ve done the meditation things. I love meditation so don’t get me wrong but I need something that I practice every hour of my day. So I’ve come up with a couple practices to help propel me forward in this crazy journey of life I’m living. The more I practice the easier it gets.

Practice number 1. Noticing the fear. The great thing about meditation is that it helps bring awareness to your thoughts and for you to start to distinguish that your thoughts are not you. Check… I’ve got that now it’s just noticing my thoughts in everyday life. So I’ve been working on catching myself when fearful thoughts come up. And let me say that I have some ridiculous things that I’m fearful of. Like… walking past a group of strangers, saying hello to someone on the street, speaking up in general… and why do I say those are ridiculous? Because I want to live a life where I connect with others and make new friends so why would I want to avoid any situation that will have me be living that life. Silly I know… that’s why it’s my practice. When I notice the fear I instantly dismiss it and continue on… I say hello, make eye contact, say what I was thinking… and guess what? The world doesn’t end. Amazing.

Practice number 2. Trust that shit will work out. And it always does. You always hear it… you’re having a bad day and someone says “everything will be ok, everything will work out just fine” – that’s usually just pisses you off more. Well I believe it. I say it as an affirmation to myself… “everything will workout just as it should”. I think it’s better than… “life sucks” or “this is bad, why is this happening” – which is again just another affirmation. Tell that to yourself enough and you’ll start to believe it. So if human nature is for us to tell ourselves something enough to the point we believe it like it’s true… well then I’m going to tell myself things that will support my dreams, the people around me, and a more happier me.

Practice number 3. Follow my heart. This is a tuff one. Sometimes my mind likes to play dress up and pretend it’s my heart and that’s when I get in trouble. All the amazing things I’ve been able to do and all the amazing people I’ve met are all because I followed my heart… the source of my life – literally. And I’m most in tune with what I want when my mind is clear (which is why meditation of something of the sorts is such a great practice). When I’m in this space… man life f#@king rocks!!!

I have a couple other small things I’m working on too like… not using the word “better” or “try” which I’m sure I’ve already done a few times in this post. I tell you people, once you start down a path of higher awareness and self discovery you can’t go back to being an asshole or living a shitty life. It’s just not possible. Yes things will happen that some may look at as devastating… but Life/God/Universe/Divine/Higher Consciousness/whatever you believe in, always knows what it’s doing.

So you may have figured it out already but I’m writing all of this because life never ceases to amaze me. Opportunities and people keep popping up in my life and it just gets greater and greater. I’m currently presented with a couple possibilities and given that I share my life on this blog you will eventually find out. So carry on… get out there and weave your dreams and make them happen – I’ll do the same. Much love…