Friday Ramblings

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week… I know I did but I’m also glad the weekend is here.

Some things that made today great:

♥ I’m so excited… The Wellness Doer was featured today on Lemons, Avocados & the Bay. Tammy, she’s the awesome mind behind the blog, is also living the good life in sunny San Diego. Please take a moment to check out her blog and say hi!

♥ Sometimes with being a personal trainer you get time gaps between clients, like this morning for example. What is a girl to do? How about go to the beach! So I stopped by Brick & Bell in La Jolla and picked up an almond milk mocha and headed over to La Jolla Cove for a little love affair with the ocean….

Friday Ramblings | The Wellness DoerFriday Ramblings | The Wellness Doer Friday Ramblings | The Wellness Doer Friday Ramblings | The Wellness Doer Friday Ramblings | The Wellness Doer

♥ I bought these earrings (kinda a bad pic of them but you get the idea) last weekend from Flight of Fancy and have worn them almost everyday this week. Everybody seems to love them and for some reason I got a ton of complements on them today… and who doesn’t love complements? They are naturally shed porcupine quills. Pretty rad.

Friday Ramblings | The Wellness Doer

♥ No plans on a Friday night… perfect. I’m excited to be able to sit for a bit and do some blogging from my cozy little work place. This is where all the blog magic comes from…

Friday Ramblings | The Wellness Doer

Yes, Jonathan and I have a collection of bird nests we have found, that is what you are seeing on top of my desk. The two jars… one has water, the other has green juice… and the crystal quartz… well… sometimes you just need to have a crystal around.

Love you guys. Thanks for reading!