Get Inside My Head (Q & A)

Q: What has been the one thing that you have learned to do better with concerning your mental health (positive mindset) that has made the biggest difference in your life? At what point did you figure it out and how did you go about making the change?

A: Wow… where to start on this one. If I could pick just one thing that has made the BIGGEST difference in my life I would have to say it’s the way I manage stress or stressful situations. No matter how well somebody has it together – shit happens. My life is not perfect. Some may look at my life and my financial situation and think “bummer”. I don’t, I choose to look at my life differently. When stressful situations arise my first reaction is to get stressed, worried, or nervous but with practice I notice those emotions, almost like I’m watching them pop up on a movie screen, and quickly turn them around. I’ve created a mindset that allows me to see the other side of things, and with that there are always the good and the bad sides – and that’s where knowing the power of choice comes in handy. I choose to see things in a brighter light, in a more positive way.

One of my biggest struggles is around the topic of money (I know I’m not the only one). At this moment I have $28 to my name. One may have the same situation and be freaking out. I myself have spilt seconds of the “freak out feeling” but have created an outlook on life that has me see that I am always provided for. And I don’t mean I just sit back and wait for stuff to come to me, I mean that as long as I’m taking action, following my heart and living with integrity I know everything will work out. I may have $28 to my name at the moment, but I know it’s only temporary. I have a full tank of gas, a fridge full of food, rent has been paid and a job.

I’ve learned that if you continue to look for the good things in life, the positive, the upside, or whatever you want to call it – more and more of those things present themselves. If I constantly had my attention on what I lack, I would never notice the amount of abundance I do have… a job, food, a roof over my head, my health, family and friends. I don’t want to live a life full of stress and worry. I stay focused and aware in the present moment.

And how did I come to view life and the many crazy situations it throws at me in such a positive way?


For me it took practice, patience, reading, journaling, meditating, seminars, and conversations with friends. Some people, I feel, were born with a healthy mind set… for me it took some time. I don’t think there was ever a moment that “I figured it out”, but I do remember thinking, when I started down the path of conscious awakening, that I couldn’t wait until I was “more conscious” of my thoughts, beliefs, words, additude, and my actions. But you never just wake up one day and think “I’ve got it all figured out”!!! I would just be limiting myself… I am forever growing and evolving, but with practice it just gets easier. With every moment that arises I have the opprotunity to learn something new about how I view life, how I live my life and how I treat and view others. I think the most important thing for me to remember is that I always have a choice. And when something goes from being “I have to” to “I get to” or “I choose to” there is more power and ownership in your actions.We always have a choice… always, and knowing that has helped me through so many of life’s difficult situations. I kind of look at it like this; you go to the gym to work your muscles right? If you’ve never worked them before they aren’t going to be strong after just one day of training. You have to work them over and over again… same thing with a healthy mindset.

I believe that everyone, if not already, will eventually be headed on a path that evolves their mind so that we live more and love more. The situations, opprotunities and people that have come into my life have propelled me, as if almost forcing me, to look at life in a much more enlivening way. My upmost deepest gratitude goes out to all those who have contributed to my life in some way shape or form. I choose to constantly live my life with gratitude and am forever a student of life…

Thanks for reading. Much love,