Give Me Face Time Please

Face Time… and I don’t mean the app. Real face to face time. It’s what we need to survive.

I love the social network world. I love how it keeps us connected, updated with our friends and family’s lives, and more involved in people’s worlds… but it has it’s downside, like most things do. I was in the Apple store the other day getting my computer fixed and was amazed how Apple has turned our world into a world of “screen time” and less of real life “face time”. Everyone in the store had their face in a screen, even the workers… it kinda scared me. Social networking has also contributed to more screen time as well. People become really good friends or strongly connected through their phone or computer screens but what we really need is that genuine human connection. We need to interact with people face to face. Be able to experience emotions, feelings, laughter, thoughts with people in real time.

We become really good at updating our statues or making sure to “check in” at different places we visit. We post a zillion pictures for the world to see. We can stay connected with people we’ve met half way around the world but when it comes time to talk and connect with someone face to face we tend freeze up. As if the computer becomes our super hero mask and we can all of a sudden be who ever we want… or let our true selves shine. We become so wrapped up in what our cyber community knows of us, that we lose ourselves when we have real human contact.

I’m not saying everyone does this. But I, personally, can admit that it’s just easier to say how I feel on an update on Facebook than it is, sometimes, to tell my friends in person. Online you don’t really have to face the fact that someone could tell you you are wrong or silly, or just plainly pass judgement towards you. If we don’t agree with what someone says we can simply just delete their comment. And texting has taken away from our communication skills. I’m guilty of it. I text all the time, sometimes whole conversations… that in truth should be had over coffee. Utilize your time efficiently with social network sites and texting, and keep it balanced with real human connection.

Really that’s all I’m saying… just reach out more to people via face time. Meet friends for lunch, have coffee, even talk on the phone. Connect, not just through the screen. People (the human race) crave connection, meaning, a sense of purpose and contribution. The simple act of a hug can change someone’s day.

“Basic human contact – the meeting of eyes, the exchanging of words – is to the psyche what oxygen is to the brain. If you’re feeling abandoned by the world, interact with anyone you can.” – Martha Beck