A Healthier Cup: 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Coffee

I love my coffee, as do most Americans… actually, let’s be real here… most of the world. I can do without pizza and beer. I could skip the sweet desserts and pass on the glass of wine, but I don’t ever want to skip on my morning cup of joe. There is something very special about the morning coffee ritual. For me in reminds me of travel, friends and cozy mornings. Mt first experience of enjoying coffee was when I was 28 and was in Thailand. Ever since then I’ve been hooked.

There are all sorts of information out there as to why coffee is bad for you, just the same as to why it’s good for you. Bottom line is don’t overdo it (just like anything else) and it depends all on how you prepare that delicious brew. I used to add cream and sugar… obviously not the healthiest of choices, so I set out to find how to make my morning ritual healthier and this is what I came up with…

Go Organic
Coffee crops require a lot of pesticides, guess bugs even need to get their fix, so make sure to buy organic coffee as much as you can. As a bonus you are supporting organic farming.

Skip the Skim or Dairy Altogether
Most people think going low-fat or fat-free is the healthier option but it’s not. If you must have your dairy I would suggest going with the full fat. That way you get the nutrients that milk is supposed to have before they take them out to make them low/free fat. But better yet is to use almond or coconut milk. More and more coffee shops are starting to carry these options, especially as more research is being done as to why soy isn’t good option anymore. I like to use a coconut milk creamer, it’s still has the added flavor, but it’s a step up from it’s dairy equivalent.

Add Some Fat
The Paleo lovers add grass-fed butter and/or MCT Oil to their coffee. I prefer coconut oil in my coffee. In a world where people still believe fat free is the way to go, americans are getting fatter and fatter. We need healthy fats in our diet to keep us fit and lean. Adding some healthy fat to your coffee will do just that.

A Healthier Cup: 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Coffee // The Wellness Doer

Pass on the Sugar
Ok, maybe that is a lot to ask. If coffee is going to be your one exception then at least choose less refined sugar options. That bleached, often GMO’d crap is terrible for you. Switch to a less refined sweetener like coconut sugar, or try honey.

Mix in Some Magic
Did you know adding cinnamon helps to balance the blood sugar spikes? Also blending your coffee with maca powder and/or using alkaline water helps to balance the body’s Ph and offset the acidity that coffee creates in our bodies. To make it like a mocha add some cacao to the mix. Cold brew coffee is also gaining popularity. It’s never heated so it’s less acidic. It’s great to use for iced coffees, just be careful, it packs 3x more caffeine than hot coffee. Try this recipe to boost your libido.

A Healthier Cup: 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Coffee // The Wellness Doer

Break All the Rules
This in no way is healthy… at all… but I love to add whipped cream to my coffee. It’s become a staple amongst my friends. It just happened one day and we have been doing it ever since. If adding whipped cream to my coffee is the only food vice I have then so be it. I’ll take that over pizza any day, but that’s me and you should find what works for you. Just remember balance and not overdoing it.

Here are some statistics on Americans and their coffee addiction:

Total percentage of Americans over the age of 18 who drink coffee everyday: 54%
Average size of coffee cup: 9 ounces
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who prefer their coffee black: 35%
Total amount of cups consumed daily: 3.1
Total average of money spent on coffee each year by coffee drinker: $164.71
Total number of U.S. daily coffee drinkers: 100 million
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who add cream and/or sugar: 65%
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who say coffee makes then feel more like themselves: 54%
Total percentage of coffee drinkers who have a cup within the first hour of waking up: 68%
Statistics from: Coffee Drinking Statistics

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