Home Is Where the Heart Is

We’ve all said it at some point or have heard someone say it, “home is where the heart is” but have we ever really thought about what that means? I started thinking about it when I saw a sign that had the catchy little quote written over somebody’s door and after spending the summer not having a permanent living space, I really started to think about where home really is… and home IS where the heart is of course.

Our hearts sit inside our chests, in our bodies and that truly is where home is. I’ve realized over the last few months that home is not what externally houses me. Whether I’m staying with a friend, living on a boat or sleeping in a tent under a blanket of stars, I’m home.

Really what I think it comes down to is feeling at peace within ourselves. Loving ourselves for who we are and treating our bodies, which is home to the heart, with care and compassion.

I understand that we all come from somewhere, we all have a town that we grew up in and we all have somewhere we live now that we call home. The issue that arises with that is the identity that gets attached to the those places. Did you come from a rich neighborhood or a poor one, Los Angeles or Detroit, the desert or the mountains…? Whatever it is we believe it says something about who we are, but thats bullshit. There is no need to attach an identity to who we are based on where we came from. Our past and present places of living add to who we are but it is not who we are.

Our home is where our heart lies. Where we sleep at night, that is home. Don’t get me wrong, I still call the town I grew up in “home”, but I am at peace no matter where I am at and, to me, that is more comforting than any house could ever provide.

Even more so, if your body is where home is, then I would encourage you to take good care of it, or that house of yours that protects your heart isn’t going to last long. Just use this as a reminder to not get attached to the external, take care of your body and find peace where ever you are at.

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