How I Entertain Myself for a 17 Hour Flight

Hello there! The following post was written far above your heads on my flight from LA to Tokyo. I now sit in the Singapore Airport waiting for my flight to Bali. Enjoy. 🙂

I’ve been running around like a mad woman getting everything packed for my trip + work. It’s interesting packing for five weeks where, in those five weeks, I will go from 85-degree tropical beach weather in Bali to cold and rainy in Northern California and Oregon. I had to pack for Bali, which didn’t consist of much… bathing suits and hiking clothes really. Then pack my car (I’m driving to Oregon from LA) with my camping gear and winter clothes, boots and exercise toys??? Yes exercise toys like the BOSU and the TRX… I will be doing some training while in Oregon. I call them toys because they end up providing fun to the workout – so get your mind out of the gutter.

Good times ahead for sure.

I sit on the plane on my way to Bali as I type this. With all the packing I got to do I also had to figure out how to entertain myself for 29 hours of flight time!!! Yikes… that’s one day and 5 hours of sitting on an airplane. I’m flying Singapore Airlines, which I heard was one of the best airlines you can fly. They have plenty of in-flight entertainment but I can only watch so much of movies and video games before my brain turns to mush. So I’d rather sit here and make my eyesight go bad from staring at my computer screen but at least I’m being productive by writing blog posts right? Right… anyhow the following picture is of the contents of my carry on minus a few items. Allow me to share…

Book: Hold The Enlightenment by Tim Cahill – It’s about the Outside magazine editors death-defying far-flung travels and when not on the move he ruminates on religion, death, and the perplexing phenomenon of yoga. I picked up the book in the book store and turned to a page where he was sharing a story about drinking snake blood – hooked. I read the entire chapter while standing there, had to buy it.

Book: The Little Red Writing Book by Brandon Royal – “20 Powerful Principles of Structure, Style, & Readability”. I looking for a book that would improve my writing skills, I picked this one up because I was highly impressed with the illustrations.

Book: Taking The Leap by Pema Chodron – “Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears”. You know how I always like pushing my self to grow.

Sunset Magazine – Special edition for “Weekend Trips” – Since I wont be doing any “big trips” for awhile I thought I could start planning some small weekend adventures.

Kind Foods Bar & Organics Bar – To keep my belly happy.

Ipod & Headphones – I need my jams.

My Journal and box of pens – Journal is a release of thought so I can stay present.

Computer – For blogging of course.

Small journal for note taking – This is good to have if you want to make note of places you visit or see, to take directions or someone’s name and number.

Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste – Not brushing your teeth for 29 hours after eating plane food several times equals not a very fun person to talk to.

Gum & Mints – For in between brushings or to offer your neighbor… hint, hint.

Not pictured:

Socks – So my little feet don’t get chilly

Chocolate Bacon Bar by Vosges – Don’t judge it’s delicious. One of my clients buys a bar for me every time I go on a trip.

Tennis Ball – On long flights it’s good to use to massage your shoulders and back.

Chapstick – I always have it on me, I might be a little addicted.

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle – Those little cups of water they give you on the flight just don’t cut it.

More to come! xox