How To Do a Pike Push Up (Video)

Exercise: Pike Push-Ups
Equipment: Stability Ball and BOSU Balance Trainer

– Place BOSU with blue side down on the floor.
– Positions stability ball under one foot while your hands are gripping the edge if the BOSU.
– Lift yourself into plank.

– While in plank keep your body as straight as a board.
– Pull in your abs and lift your hips towards the sky (see video).
– When you lower back into plank perform a single push-up.
– Repeat pike followed by push-up.

What it works:
– Pretty much the entire body.
– Core, Chest, Shoulders, Legs.
– Confidence.

Watch the video to see how it’s done. This is one of my clients who allowed me to post this. He should be proud. This is a difficult exercise if you are not familiar with it just fyi. Good luck and be careful!