I Choose… You

Jonathan and I have been focusing on the power of our choices a lot this week. Knowing that we create the each moment and the possible future we will live into, we have been writing out “what we choose” every day. And also knowing that we are responsible for creating our own reality but then not being happy with the reality we are living we decided to start to pinpoint exactly it is we want. For example, if I continue to put attention to my car breaking down and needing work and me not having the money to pay for it then my car will continue to break down and I will continue to not have money to pay for it. That doesn’t really sound like a situation I want to relive on a continuous basis… does it to you? So I start my thoughts out like this… I CHOOSE… I choose to be thankful for my car. I choose to trust that everything is going to work out perfectly. I choose abundance and wealth, etc, etc, etc.

Some other ones that I have been saying to myself…

I choose to excel at everything I do.
I choose to motivate and be motivated.
I choose to inspire and be inspired.
I choose to view the world with childlike wonder and joy.
I choose an abundant checking account.
I choose to be love. Always.
I choose radiant health.

See… it gives me a lot of power to create the world I live in. I can say I’ve had an awesome week. My car is being taken care of (yeah… that’s how this all started), I’ll be able to pay for it and life is good. It’s good because I choose to see it that way. Maybe to someone else it may not be good but that’s their choice.

Try it out for yourself. It’s a lot of fun. Be creativity. What is it that you would like in your life? What do you really want to do? It will become apparent what it is you really want because by saying you choose something it’s like picking the chocolate covered donut over the plain… you better make sure you really want the chocolate one.

We leave for Tahoe in two days. I can’t wait! So excited for some summer time fun. Enjoy the rest of your week… choose to have an amazing day! Lots of love!