The Most Important Element to Your Health & Fitness Goals + 3 Tips to Get You There


We all have our health & fitness goals. They differ from person to person, but we’ve all got some. Being a personal Fitness Coach, I am lucky enough to share in the process of people’s goal accomplishments. I see my clients on a regular basis achieve something that they have worked so hard for, and I also see the other side. Those who struggle, and never seem to get where they want to be.

So what’s sets the two apart? Why is it that some people can reach their goals and others do not? Some part of it may be that the goals are not realistic, but if they are and totally achievable, there is one thing that I find assists in people reaching their goals time after time again.

What is it?

Belief in yourself.

Yep. The pure and simple ability to believe in yourself. If there is even 10% doubt that you cannot achieve something, I would put money on the fact that you won’t. Because even thought it’s a small percentage, if anything comes up in your goal process that feeds that doubt, it will amplify it, and that doubt will grow.

You’ve got to trust in your ability to achieve whatever it is you are after. Whether that is to run a marathon, lose 20 pounds, clean up your diet, or even something simple like drink more water.

How can you do that? Think of it like working out a muscle. You don’t do one workout and then you are strong, you have to keep working at it. Same with your ‘belief muscle’. If you do have doubts, there a couple things you can do that will help set you on a path of believing in yourself.

1. Write it down. On a piece of paper or use this New Beliefs printable, write down what you want to accomplish. Then make two columns, one column is reasons as to why you know you can accomplish this goal, and the other is why you think you can’t. Really peel back some layers and see if there are any doubts in your ability to accomplish this goal, sometimes they hide deep in our subconscious. Then look at your doubts, and create the opposite (realistic) belief. Example = “I want to run a marathon” – Pro: I have bitch’n new running shoes, Con: I run out of breathe easily. Opposite to the doubt (new belief): My breathing will improve as I improve. Then go to step two.

2. Write it Over and Over Again. Once you’ve created a new belief, write it out over and over again. Turn it into art if you need to. The more you write it, the more it becomes real. As you write it, say it out loud. The reason why things stick in out brains, whether good or bad, is because we’ve said it to ourselves over and over again (mostly subconsciously).

3. Speak About It. Now, take your new belief and talk about it. Talking about it makes it real. If you have a trainer, tell them. If it’s a marathon you’re after and you are part of a running group, use it in a sentence when it comes up in conversation. Talk about it naturally as if it is real and it will be real. When others hear it, it creates it to be true for you in their reality.

Some doubts will be easier to overcome than others, but all have the ability to be changed. Remember, if you an to make changes you must believe first that you can change. I believe in you!

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