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Lake Tahoe and New Year’s Resolutions

Hey hey! Hope you all had a fabulous week! I spent my New Year’s in Tahoe for a music festival called Snowglobe. While there was no snow… it was still cold! I’ve never been to Tahoe before so you can imagine how excited I was to be going. Jonathan’s family has a cabin in Fallen Leaf to being there with him was like having my own personal tour guide. On my dream list, swimming in Lake Tahoe is one of the things I’d like to do. There was no swimming for me this round, although Jonathan did jump in the lake, I did not. But we will be visiting in Spring time so I can cross that off my list… 🙂

The first day we were there Jonathan took me to Fallen Leaf Lake and we hiked up to a few waterfalls… only to find they were frozen over. We came up with the term “Earth Frosting” because it looked like icing on a cake.

Further up from the falls was a tiny lake that was completely frozen. I’ve never walked out onto a frozen lake before so I had Jonathan snap a photo of me laying on it. It was pretty amazing.

A nice panoramic of Fallen Leaf.

These two shots were from the boat dock at Jonathan’s family cabin. Yeah… Jonathan can do that.

Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe behind. It was a cloudy day but still very beautiful. Can’t wait till spring!

The music festival was awesome. We had gotten free passes and found an amazing place to stay (thanks to two beautiful souls). The year is off to a great start! Given my first few days were filled with moving Jonathan to San Diego and getting back to work I hadn’t put much thought into what goals I wanted to set for myself this year, but now that things are calm I’ve come up with a handful of New Year’s intentions (or goals, or resolutions, whatever you want to call them).Last year, in my opinion, I set wayyyyy to many goals. This year I’m sticking to 5 or 6 big ones. All year long I will be setting small goals for myself… I don’t need it to be a new year for me to set goals… no one does.

Setting goals for ourselves and then sharing them with friends and family is a great way to keep us accountable. In my case I’m sharing them with the whole world… all you lovely folks. Below are my goals… what are yours for the year? Keep in mind that you want to be setting realistic goals and set at least one goal for each area in your life (career, health, personal growth, relationship, family, etc.). One goal I set for myself last year was to travel to six countries. I had no idea how I was going to make that possible but it happened, so when I say “realistic”…… actually….. now that I paused to think about what I really meant by “realistic” I realize that pretty much anything is possible. I remember setting that traveling goal thinking to myself “how the hell am I going to do that”, but I set it anyway and I caused it to come into my reality.

Anyhow… here are my goals for this year…

1. Yoga teacher training (hopefully I’ll study in a different country).
2. CHEK Holistic Coach certification complete.
3. South America travel.
4. Meditate 3x a week.
5. 100 personal training sessions a month at The Sporting Club.
6. $5000 in savings by June.

I wish you all happy goal setting! Make it fun, keep it light and don’t be hard on yourself for what wasn’t accomplished last year. You are the only one who is responsible for your life and how you experience it. Learn from your mistakes and move forward, don’t dwell in the past… goal setting is just another tool to support you in that. Lots of love to you!!! 🙂