Lean-Out Program Results

This is the last post of several about the Lean Out Program. Start here with Day 1 of the Lean Out Program.

Ok… folks… the moment of truth. Last Tuesday I weighed in at the start of the lean-out program, I weighed 143, my body fat % was 19 and my lean mass was at 115lbs. Are you ready to see my results? Ok… I even took a photo so you can see proof.

Yep… today I weigh 144lbs, I’m down now to 17.2% body fat and my lean mass went up to 119.5 (which is a good thing). From last Monday to today I worked out three times, did yoga four times, cardio twice and over the weekend I ate carbs again but healthy ones.

So I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s good to see such a change in just 5 days of a restrictive diet. Although I don’t like using the word restrictive, it makes me feel like I can’t have something and therefore makes me want it more. A much more conducive word could be exclusive (ohhh… that one is nice) or selective. Those sound better, not so limiting.

Overall I feel lighter, I am leaner and people have noticed. My yoga practice has been stronger and deeper and I have been sleeping really well. Things are moving and grooving if you know what I mean. I am so thankful to be working where I work and to have this blog, it makes me happy that I influence people in a positive way towards better superior health. Thank you all of your comments and wonderful, supportive emails. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the program, if you choose to  take the challenge. If you have any deeper, specific questions about the program in relation to your goals please email Heather from Conscious Nutrition at That’s what she does for a living… she’ll have many more answers than I will.

So what’s next? Let’s see… I’m still vegetarian and working out how to keep things from getting boring. My workouts have been amped up a bit and my yoga practice is still strong. I’m happy with where I’m at now but I may be ok with leaning out just a bit more. I know, I’m crazy but I like it. I’m headed to the music festival Lightning in a Bottle next weekend and I want to be in tip top shape.

We grow by challenging ourselves. We grow by steeping outside the box. We want all these things but sometimes aren’t willing to work for them. Challenge yourself for just five days. Whether that be the lean-out program or to write in your journal for 5 days, or maybe to do yoga or a workout for 5 days. Then from there you can extend the time. You can do anything for 5 days. Do your want a bigger challenge? My gym, The Sporting Club is doing a 21 day challenge. Try this if your up to it…

No chocolate
No candy
No biscuits or cookies
No cake, donuts, or muffins
No pastries
No white bread
No chips
No fast food
No nutella, peanut butter, or other naughty spreads
No ice cream

For 21 days. Sounds simple enough right? You don’t need that shit in your body anyway… so just commit. You’ll feel amazing. That’s what I learned. I already knew that eating clean is the way to go, we all know that right, but it’s hard to follow through. So today is the day. What do you have to lose, and at the end of it, if you really must, you can always go back to the way you were eating. But I have a feeling you wont to.

Question for your pondering… Where can you challenge yourself more to grow, learn and expand?

Much love to you all!