Let Go, Buy Less and Save the World


I had an opportunity to clean out the garage of house I used to live at. At that house, there was a bunch of stuff left behind from past roommates and old crap, I had a U-Haul truck and thought… why not? So after two trips to the dump and one to Goodwill, filling the truck to the top both times, I cleared out the garage. Which is totally awesome in every way except for the fact I felt terrible about throwing so much stuff away.

When I was at the dump I couldn’t help but be saddened by the amount of crap people throw out. We accumulate far too much stuff. Our society pumps marketing in our faces that have us believing that we need this or that… but when it really comes down to it… we don’t.

We go out and spend our money on crap that will sit on our shelves or be hidden away in our cabinets and forgotten about… then when we have collected too much stuff and need to make more room we go through our stuff and throw out what we don’t use… or in some cases, never used. Or we go in the opposite direction and become hoarders… and we don’t want that either.

So why do we do it?

Is it because there is an abundance of “things” at our finger tips? Is it all the T.V. we watch and pressure to shop on black friday and things like that? Or is it this need we have to fit in and so therefore we believe that our things give us value? It’s different for everyone but whatever it is for you really take a minute to think about why you buy “stuff”, and by stuff I mean any material item.

After that trip to the dump I made a commitment to not accumulate stuff. I have everything I need and when I no longer need something that I already own I will do my best to recycle it so it does not end up in our landfill. It may not do much for the overall impact but it gives us peace of mind, I’m doing my part in lessening my attachment to the material world and I am being more mindful on what I spend my money on.

Our population is growing and so in our amount of trash… we need to do our part to not be so “trashy”. If you have 5 coats at home do you really need another one? What about the kitchen appliance that helps you chop… thats what we have hands for. You get what I’m saying…

Another great benefit to lessening the amount of things we have is the effect that it has on our bodies, minds and souls. The more you have, the more you have to worry about, the harder it is to get up and go and the more attachment you have. We put so much love and worth to the clothes, cars and other crap that don’t love us back that we sometimes lessen the amount of love we give to living things… people of course, but also mother nature. We are impacting our world at such great levels that we are settings ourselves up for some hard times. Life isn’t, nor should it be hard.

Let go… give stuff to Goodwill or the homeless and make a commitment not to buy anything unless it’s an absolute necessity. Pay attention to what you think is necessary. If you think having a bigger T.V. is necessary ask yourself why… is the T.V. you currently own broken? Or is there something deep down inside that thinks you need one so your ego can be fed?

Ohhh our silly attachments. Anyhow I hope this post will shine a little light on why we do what we do. If you need a little more encouragement go to your local dump… look around… it’s not a pretty site. Recycle, compost, reuse and buy less, do your part… it all makes a big difference in the end.

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