Living Life With Child Like Excitement

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with my cousin, his wife and their 18 month old daughter Raegan. Raegan is the first of the next generation in our family and given that all my friends are just now having babies, I haven’t spent much time with babies in the last few years. So it was a real treat to spend time with her this weekend and take her to the zoo.

Living Life With Child Like Excitement // The Wellness DoerLiving Life With Child Like Excitement // The Wellness Doer

My best friend and I always encourage ourselves to look out onto the world with “child like excitement” and after this past weekend I could fully experience what that means. Everything that child looked at she looked at it with fresh eyes. Her excitement over the fallen leafs on the ground, the flowers or even her water was a constant reminder that even thought these are things we may see and do every day doesn’t mean that they are not new.

Living Life With Child Like Excitement // The Wellness Doer

To be able to look out into the world and find the same joy in flowers as a child would, or what it feels like to see a real life giraffe for the first time with the excitement, awe, and curiosity that comes with that. What would it take to
live life that when we wake every morning we were just that excited, in awe and curious about the day as a child would be?

Living Life With Child Like Excitement // The Wellness DoerLiving Life With Child Like Excitement // The Wellness Doer

We get caught up in the routine. We get caught up in the news and media and allow ourselves to get trapped in the fear that that creates. We worry about bills, looking good and status. Do my shoes match? Does my butt look big in these pants? How did we ever come to this? Where do we lose the ability to see the wonderment in all that is around us? Where do we lose loving ourselves and not caring what other people think? If you really think about it you may find that any answer just points to the fact that we do it to ourselves. We have created a world of status, worry and that beauty looks a certain way.

Now that you have thought about it, now I encourage you to wake every morning with that “child like excitement” for what is to come. Like I mentioned in my last post about being grateful, be grateful for everything. When you sit down to eat your breakfast be excited for what the food will taste like, be thankful for where it came from, be curious about what it does for you. Apply this to your drive to work, the people you work with, each meal and even going to the bathroom. Sure you may forget, but don’t make a big deal of it. Remember when you can. We live this life once, don’t live it being worried about the stuff you can’t change. Grab and ice-cream cone and find a patch of grass, sit for awhile and admire all the beauty and awe that is around us each and ever day… remember what it felt like to be a kid.

I am so grateful to have had the experience of hanging out with my family this weekend and living life through the eyes of an 18 month old. It gave me so much perspective and increased my thankfulness tenfold. To Adam and Bri… you guys are amazing parents. Thank you so much for spending time with me and sharing the beauty of your child. Love you guys.

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