A Love Affair with Coffee

I’ve decided that I’m never going to give up coffee. Coffee is romantically luring. I like it strong, sweet, with a small hint of spice and topped with a mound of whipped cream. Whipped cream just goes so well with coffee, like a good, hardy ginger beer goes with whiskey or ample foreplay before sex. I could forever eat a diet free of sugar, processed carbs, and meat but I want my coffee. If coffee is my only vice then I’ll take it. If whipped cream is my only sugar, then so be it.

For me the moments between sips seem to stand still. I take in the softness of the morning. Noticing the trees and blades of grass sparkle with the suns morning kisses. I don’t need coffee to experience this, coffee just adds to it.

When traveling coffee is always there for engaging conversations with strangers, giving me a moment of time and space to soak in the surroundings of these far off places. I actually started drinking coffee when I traveled to Thailand in 2008. Still to this day, a frothy cappuccino has me reminiscing of peering out onto a land of lush green at a cafe called Coffee in Love.

Coffee complements my friends. Many heart opening stories, infectious laughs and releasing tears have been shared over a cup of joe. Often times we come together just to honor our love affair with that bold cup of chocolatey brown brew.

Could I give it up? Sure. Do I want to? Fuck no. Maybe the day will come when I pack away my collection of coffee mugs from places I’ve traveled, and call it quits with the social lubricant we call coffee. Until then… if it ever happens… I’ll keep caffeinating my consciousness.

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