Master Cleanse Day 1: Off to a Good Start

This post is a follow up to a previous post. If you are just now reading this you might want to start with the first post.


Today was the first day of the Master Cleanse for Jonathan and I. Nether of us have ever done a liquid cleanse before so we didn’t know what to expect. After reading through the book I had a little bit of an idea but what the book doesn’t share is the process of making the juice.

If you do this cleanse I would recommend getting an electric citrus juicer because doing it by hand is a pain in the rear. I filled two half gallon glass bottles with the mixture – which is the minimum amount you need to drink in a day – but didn’t research on line what the recipe amounts would be for that size. So I spent half my morning doing math. Do the math first, it makes it easier.

Nonetheless I got them all made up. We wrote words on our bottles such as “love”, “abundance” and “vibrant health” to encourage positive energy in our drinks. Then came the taste test…

I love it. Jonathan… not so much, but hey, not everybody likes the same thing.

Bottle Of Love

He drank it as if he was drinking cough syrup… we decided later maybe a little less cayenne pepper in the next round.

We drank a couple glasses to start of the day and went on our merry business. To my surprise I felt full of energy for the first half on the day. I was able to take an hour and half nap which helped TREMENDOUSLY. Strongly suggest napping if you can while on this cleanse for two reasons: 1. It conserves energy and 2. you are not thinking about food. Jonathan on the other hand experienced  hunger pains and a headache. He mentioned that he may not continue to do it. So we decided to do 10 days instead of the 14… that’s what most people have done and achieved great results.

I did think about food all day long but again to my surprise… never felt hungry. Makes me think that a lot of our eating habits are just that… habits.

So day 1 complete. Yeaaa!!!

Day 2 tomorrow. I felt today was easy, I’m curious how long that will last.

Thanks for reading, much love, Elyssa