Master Cleanse Day 4 & 5: Almost Gave In


This post is a follow up to a previous one. You might want to start with the first post here.

Day 4: We almost gave in. We spent most of Saturday putting a puzzle together to keep our minds off our bellies. We were hungry but not in a stomach growling kinda a way… we just wanted to sink our teeth into something. We were also feeling a little bored. Bored of drinking lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for four days straight! But we were strong and made it through… barely.

Day 5: Now today, recommitted, we did the salt water flush… although I may have measured the salt with the wrong size measuring spoon because it didn’t work as well as I thought it was. So I’m going to try again tomorrow.

We did go to the farmers market. Talk about self discipline. We bought some fresh squeezed OJ (for when we come off the cleanse) and some fruit for freezing (smoothies). The market wasn’t even the bad part – it’s when we got home and I had to cut all the fruit up. It was a great practice though… to be with the fact that I can’t have something and to be ok with that. Loving my body through the process and allowing the feeling of wanting to just be. It felt great. Check out these delicious fruits though that will be gracing our smoothies in the coming weeks…


So as I type this email it is the end of day 5 for us. It’s true, the first 4 days are the hardest. If you are considering doing the cleanse, don’t give up in those first 4 days… keep going. To be honest I feel full of energy. I wake up ready to go and don’t feel that 3:00pm drop in energy. I’ve leaned out a little and oddly enough… I feel like I can breathe deeper. I also feel super motivated and have accomplished quite a bit this weekend. Take it from me… its worth getting through the first 4 days. That’s why it is so beneficial to have someone do the cleanse with you. If it wasn’t for Jonathan I probably would of talked myself into quitting. Buddy system in full power.

We’ve got two more days of the juice cleanse part then we start to come off of it. All in all it will have been a total of 11 days. 2 days of raw food to prep, 7 days of master cleanse juice, 2 days to come off. Looking forward to day 12.

Has any of you tried the Master Cleanse before? How did it go?

Thanks for reading! Much love,